Comics Only Dog Lovers Will Understand

There are three kinds of people: Those who don’t like dogs, those who are “meh” about them, and those who, when they imagine heaven, see themselves rolling around on the floor with a herd of puppies for all eternity. If you’re in that last category, these funny comics about dogs will speak to you deep in your soul.

I often find myself looking at my dog and wondering how a 20-pound creature could dominate my life – and my home — so completely. (Actually, I know exactly how she does it. She’s sweet and furry and stares at me with her chocolatey brown eyes and I crumple like a sad, wet paper bag. It’s pathetic. Seriously, if I were a CIA spy, all it would take for an enemy agent to get me to spill every shred of classified information I knew would be an 8-week old puppy licking my face for three minutes. That’s probably why the CIA has never asked me to be a secret agent.)

Er… back to the subject at hand! If you, like me, are a devoted dog owner (and by “owner,” I obviously mean “humble servant”), these awesome comics from Lingvistov artist Landysh will hit you right where you live.

That last comic speaks the absolute TRUTH. When my pup falls asleep on me, she stays there until she wakes up — it doesn't matter if that means I have to stand around indefinitely with her head resting on my foot. I can't be the only one who can't resist a furry face, right? Right?

Images courtesy of Landysh.