J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' Sketches She Drew In The '90s Are Stunning

Whatever fairy godmother was responsible for dispensing her talents clearly sneezed at the prime moment and gave her WAY more than she needed, because now that J.K. Rowling's sketches of Harry Potter from the '90s have outed her as a brilliant artist, it seems downright unfair to the rest of us. She gets to write the most epic series of all time and draw the characters like a boss? Next thing you know, we're going to find out that she's joining the Cirque Du Soleil version of Harry Potter as a tightrope dancer. LEAVE A LITTLE TALENT IN THE POOL FOR THE REST OF US, JOANNE.

Here's the super embarrassing thing for all us Potterheads: We've actually been seeing J.K. Rowling's sketches for months and not even noticing. Pottermore has had them on various articles for months. TBH, we are all unworthy of them, but now that they've thankfully come to light, we can enjoy them in their full ~glory~. And they're pretty damn remarkable — not just because they're well-drawn, or because they bear an uncanny resemblance to the actors eventually cast in the roles, but because these were the first-ever existing visuals of the iconic magical world that Rowling brought to life for us.

Moment of silence for Gary (??), who was turned into Dean and cut from the main squad. Which serves as a friendly reminder to all the writers out there re: your first drafts. They look nothing like what your final piece. It's easy for newbie writers to get discouraged through rounds of edits and rejections, but thankfully, Rowling sharing images like this and being open about the many, many rejections she first got for Harry Potter helps put it all into perspective. Even this morning, she was reminding writers not to give up, no matter what the odds.

(Side note: Someday, those handwritten pages will sell at auction for more than every liver in New York combined.)

And because Rowling's talents have no bounds, here are some more of her ~hidden drawings~ on Pottermore's website.

Our Unsung Hero, Peeves

Gone from the movies, but never from our hearts.

Harry At The Dursleys

Hand-me-down fashion on fleek.

Percy, Fred, George, And Ron Weasley

OMG, PERCY IS SUCH A DWEEB. This is too perfect for words.

Totally Chill Baby-On-Doorstep Abandonment

"Lololol, hope it doesn't rain." - Albus Dumbledore

The Glorious Trailing Robe Of Severus Snape

And stubble? Guess when you're busy bullying children and creating a reign of terror, there's no time for silly things like shaving.

Anyway, I'm tucking this into my "J.K. Rowling Is Too Perfect To Be A Real Human And I Will Discover The Truth About Her One Day" file for safekeeping. ONE DAY, THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED. She is too perfect a person for this world.

Images: Pottermore; Warner Bros