This Is The New Cool Girl Haircut on Instagram

by Kelly Dougher

When it comes to changing up my look, nothing inspires me more than cool girls on Instagram. Whether it's a unique makeup look or a cute pixie cut, once I see someone killing it on Instagram I'm trying to recreate the look myself faster than you can say "double tap." Right now my current obsession is girls with buzz cuts. I just shaved my head for the second summer in the row, but now that summer is drawing to a close I'm trying to grow out my buzz cut before the weather gets nippy.

Unfortunately, every time I go on Instagram lately I get an overpowering urge to grab the clippers and shave my head again — possibly because I made the mistake of following a bunch of really cool, gorgeous women who are all rocking the shaved head like nothing else. Yeah, they're definitely not helping me go through the grow-out stage.

However, if you're considering shaving your head, then I highly recommend following the women listed below for a little motivation. Although the buzz cut is becoming more common for women, I still get a lot of comments like "Why would you do that?" or "I could never pull that off." I shaved my head because it looks and feels awesome, and the ladies below — and their many followers and likes — seem to agree. They might also give you some inspiration and confidence that you need to take the plunge. It'll probably surprise you just how easy it is to "pull off" a buzz cut.

1. Soekie Gravenhorst

Dutch model @soekie_ seems to be rocking an icy platinum pixie right now but her account still has plenty of badass buzzcut pictures for inspiration.

2. Christina Bright

@chrismiss_ is a ray of light, as you can clearly see in the example below — proof that buzz cuts don't have to make someone seem intimidating.

3. Ruth Bell

Model @ruthnotmay first caught my eye when she modeled for Zara, but she's also modeled for lots of other brands and magazines such as Teen Vogue.

4. Lera Abova

@leraabova is a model from Berlin whose look is equally gorgeous and edgy.

5. Sarsha Simone

@sarshasimone is a singer/songwriter/DJ who is always rocking a cool buzz, whether it's platinum, lilac, or leopard print (seriously).

6. Taylor Bagley

@thetaylorbagley has a bubblegum-pink buzz cut. Enough said.

7. Noelani Truespirit

@lani.true is a makeup artist and model from LA who has a killer sense of style in addition to the buzz cut.

8. Ana (Kiva) Rosescu

Follow @itskiva for the buzz cut, stay for her flawless makeup game. Seriously, that cat-eye though.

9. Inga Klaassen

@inga.kla is a German model with an incredibly unique look. In addition to the buzz cut, I also love her freckles and pale brows.

10. Grace Bol

With her amazing cheekbones and glowing skin, @gracebol doesn't need hair getting in the way.

11. Mia Rae

I love the artsy photos that model @mia__rae posts (and her kickass hairstyle, of course).

Seriously, have you shaved your head yet?