43 Women With Super Short & Buzzed Hair

There are so many women with short hairstyles these days who not only look knock-out gorgeous, but who probably make you want to pick up a pair of scissors immediately. So have you ever debated taking the plunge and chopping off all of your locks to sport a cropped 'do? What's stopping you? If you're worried you can't pull it off, that a pixie will somehow invalidate your femininity, that short cuts are only for certain types of face shapes, or that you won't be able to style it in different ways, fear not. The truth is that anyone and everyone can rock the hell out of a short pixie or even a buzz cut if they feel so inclined.

While it's true that you can't necessarily create interesting up-dos or elaborate braids when you're only working with two inches of hair, there are other alternatives for styling your mane in fun and different ways. Granted, the chopped-off look is popular with the bros, but that doesn't mean you'll look like a frat boy the instant you sport something that hovers above your ear — unless that's the look you're going for, in which case, please rock on.

The idea that we "can't pull something off" is usually all in our heads. But anyone can make a trend or look work for them, as long as they incorporate it in with their personal style. Below are 43 women who don super short hairstyles, all of them in their own unique ways. And the lessons they can teach us.

1. Short Locks Can Give You Edge, But Without The Fuss

Can't handle spending hours styling your hair into something interesting? Then the pixie is for you. Netta Cabell tells me via email, "One day I woke up with a certain urge to start wearing my hair in its natural state and also shave my sides. Giving me some 'edge' while also allowing me to get up and go!"

2. Confidence Is Always Key

Soraya Verheul's advice to women uncertain as to whether they can pull this 'do off? "Many women think that they would be less attractive while this isn't the case. Confidence is key!"

3. Let The Short 'Do Be Your Final Frontier

Sylva's inspiration for cutting off her hair? She said that she dyed it every color imaginable, sported a variety of haircuts, but the one look she never dared to try before was the buzz cut. "It was kind of the final frontier for me in terms of hairstyles, so I had to give it a go."

4. Your Worth Isn't Measured By Inches

Melody Riders loves her super short crop because she believes "a woman's value is not measured by the length of her hair or any other physical feature." Why not go wild?

5. Short Locks Might Make It Hard For You To Recognize Yourself, In A Good Way

Jay Peitzer, a hairstylist in Los Angeles, loves specializing in short cuts because he finds the look self-assured and striking. He tells me via email, "I enjoy doing the large changes and helping to bring things out in women that often they don't know they possess. A confidence and beauty that shines from within. I love when they see themselves for the first time as a short haired girl and say that they don’t even recognize themselves... very often that is true for the inner self as well as the outer." Here, Tiffany Alice definitely looks like she's got all the confidence.

6. Find Your Spark

Kate Welch had an asymmetrical undercut for years, but the novelty wore off. This was the next step in growing it out. But now that her hair is all the same length, Welch isn't ready to change it. "I don't really want to grow it out! It's extremely low-maintenance, suits my face shape, and if I get tired of it, WIGS."

7. Move Past Fear

It's not like every woman with a sassy haircut was ready for those scissors. Sometimes you just have to hold your breath, scrunch your eyes, and take the risk. Rebecca Steele points out, "Cutting my hair was a terrifying prospect when I had hair down to my bottom! But it's liberating! Anyone can rock a pixie; I feel feminine and sassy, and [have] had nothing but compliments."

8. You Might Learn About Yourself Through The Bold Move

Brianne swears by the short haircut because she's not one to hide behind anything. She shares, "Hair grows back, but the things you learn about yourself, when you stop living behind your hair are forever. Trust me it's very freeing!"

9. No Look Can Take Away Your Sexiness

There's likely a reason so many models have long, curly locks — it's a sexy look. But that doesn't mean that the opposite is not sexy. Brenna Womer tells me, "I've always loved pixie cuts and thought I'd have a lot of fun with one, but it wasn't until about six months ago I realized the reason I wasn't getting the cut was because I was afraid that without my long hair I wouldn't be 'sexy.' I think the moment you realize fear is keeping you from doing something you really want to do, you have to take the plunge. I fell in love with the style, and now I can't imagine ever going back."

10. Shaking Off Limited Beauty Standards Is Important

Limited beauty standards are just that: Limiting. But if you do something to defy them, you'll hopefully learn that there are so many other ways to feel beautiful. Lena Taryanik says, "Growing up I've always conformed to what society and others expected me to look like. [But] it's just hair. It doesn't define us. I stopped hiding behind it and chopped it off. Because of my openness for change, I now feel more beautiful, confident, and more liberated than ever before."

11. Don't Do Things Just To Make Other People Happy

Jessica Zurell first cut her hair off in the dorm bathroom her freshman year of college and it was one of the most liberating things she's ever done. Since then she's had many women tell her they can't pull off that kind of cut, that their partners wouldn't like it, etc., and this is what she tells them: "If you're keeping your hair long to keep other people happy, you have a bigger problem than just your hair. We should always do the things we're afraid of."

12. Sometimes You Just Have To Lop It Off

Sometimes cutting our hair is the best thing for our locks. In I'na Saulsbery's case, she had to change her 'do by default. She explains, "I had severe heat damage and after waiting almost a year for my natural curl pattern to return, it became quite evident it wasn't going to happen. So without hesitation, I went to my hairstylist and asked her to do the honors. I'm so glad I did."

13. Your Femininity Will Never Be Less Valid

A buzz cut doesn't take away your girly personality — it'll still shine through! Moe Williams wanted to rock this style since the seventh grade. She tells me, "The mix of wanting to fix my overdone bleached hair and also crush the idea that women have to have long hair is why I finally did it." And crush she did.

14. You Can Leave A Little (Or A Lot) At The Top

Do you like a lot of hair around your face, hence your hesitation? Try buzzing the bottom half and then leaving a lot on top to play with and frame your eyes. That way you can still rock the short look, but have the volume that you're used to.

15. Don't Be Afraid To Become The Person You Need To Be

For Ashley Jagmohan, lopping off her hair was the perfect way for her to transition into a new stage of her life. There's nothing like a new haircut to make you feel like a new person. She shares, "I had really long hair growing up that I hated and had just reached my 20s when I decided to cut my hair. I was going through a transition in my life and stuck with it ever since!"

16. Your Femininity Has Nothing To Do With Your Hair

A lot of women worry about chopping off their hair because they think it'll make them look too boyish. But that's not true! Giany Franco shares her experience. "The most fun thing about being a woman is that we're able to play with different looks! Femininity is not about how long our hair is; it's all about your attitude."

17. This Doesn't Need To Be A Big Decision

Sometimes when you hear about women buzzing all their hair off, you hear about how it took a lot of thought and contemplation. But sometimes, chopping off your hair isn't such a big deal. Kat Wittig tells me, "Hair grows, life is short."

18. Sometimes The Idea Can Get You Obsessed

When Casja Wessberg got the idea to cut off her hair, she literally couldn't wait an extra moment to do it. Casja says, "I had been thinking of cutting off my long hair for a while because I had this terrible bleach, but I wanted to wait until after mid-summer (you know that Swedish tradition where you and all the family dance around this big pole covered in flowers?). But in the middle of the celebration I couldn't wait any longer. I snuck out and cut it off over the green grass. When I came back my grandmother was so shocked." How absolutely perfect is that?

19. There Will Be Times When You Regret It, But Only For A Hot Minute

Sometimes the drastic change could put you into temporary shock. But it doesn't usually last long. Annette Kemp tells me, "At first I was shocked and unhappy with myself for making the decision. I felt I looked like a little alien and everyone was staring all the time. But after a while I started feeling edgy and daring and now I can't ever see myself with long hair again."

20. Believe You're Beautiful

When you don't have something to hide behind (like long locks), you might begin to appreciate how beautiful you are. Haley Corn says, "Since shaving my head, I've never felt more confident. There's something about throwing beauty standards out the window and actually just believing you're beautiful that makes you feel so alive."

21. You Don't Need To Be "That Kind" Of Person To Rock It

Sometimes we're hesitant to try a certain trend or style because we think we're not the "type of person" to pull it off. But that's never true. Francesca Di Valerio explains, "Shaving my head was one of the funniest thing I’ve ever done in my life. You don’t have to be perfect to rock the buzzcut or the super short cut, you just have to feel like doing it."

22. Other People's Reactions Should Never Be A Factor

How many times have you wanted to do something fun, but stopped yourself because you were worried about how others would react or judge you? Just imagine how many fun things you have probably stopped yourself from enjoying because of that mentality. Mia Munini offers, "Don't be afraid of people's reaction, be curious to find yourself happy in a whole new level. It's your head, your body, your happiness, your choice."

23. Dare To Go Super, Super Short

Hell, go all the way. Meagan Williams cut her hair because it was time for a change. She says, "I've built confidence with my short hair and I love to just wake up and go without doing much to it. Plus the cool thing about hair is that it grows back." So, go for it!

24. Don't Be Afraid Of Making Dressed-Up Outfits More Interesting

Having a short 'do might help you create more interesting formal outfits because you can no longer rely on curls or braided up-dos as accessories. Williams shares, "I think short hair makes every outfit more interesting especially formal wear. If I'm getting ready to go to an event that requires formal wear, I enjoy trying on dresses and using jewelry to create a unique look."

25. Define Your Style

The way we wear our hair can also affect what we wear on our bodies. Williams shares, "I know my hair affects my style which is why I enjoy wearing it short. It accentuates my natural beauty and I believe my hair brings life to my outfits and creates a more edgy look especially when it's colored. My hair is an essential part of me and I love it!"

26. Formal-wear Can Work With Any Haircut

Never think that a formal dress can't work with a pixie. It's just as good as any up-do. Kemp says, "I think it creates a whole new look from the 'formal princess look' we're used to and I love it. It's liberating going against societal norms and taking back your femininity and reinventing it!"

27. Leaps Of Faith Pay Off

Jennifer Wright wasn't sure she could pull off her look, but she went for it anyway. She tells me, "I went from a grown-out pixie cut to this 1920s bob style, which I've never had before. I wasn't sure if it would suit my round face, but I've never had so many compliments on a haircut! So any ladies not sure about going for the chop, I would say go for it, as your perfect haircut could be waiting for you!"

28. Who Says Long Hair Is Feminine, Anyway?

What, exactly, about long hair is so "feminine?" Why is there only one standard for femininity — and who's in charge of deciding these things? Franziska Herberg tells me, "I think more girls should cut their hair in a shorter way because it looks [...] feminine and [there's] really no need to have long hair in our generation."

29. Big Changes Are Important

Do you feel like you have a new personality and need your outside to match the inside? Maybe that crop will help. Anisa Sanusi shares, "For a while I didn't feel particularly confident with myself. I needed to 'start again' and part of that meant looking in the mirror and being able to see the change."

30. So Is Self-Confidence

When Jette Rybak saw a girl with a buzzed head on TV, she immediately wanted to copy the look. She turned to her boyfriend and asked him to buzz it all off, to which he was rather apprehensive. But according to Rybak, "When he did it, he kissed me and said I looked beautiful. I'd suggest it to any woman who wants to try it — it's a big step for your self confidence."

31. Try To Get Comfortable With Yourself

Kemp shares how her cut helped her accept herself, saying, "For a long time I've had a love/hate relationship with my face and hair — I think most girls are insecure at some point — and I decided that the only way I could force myself to love my looks was to get rid of all my hair and start over. Looking at yourself in the mirror with no hair makes you have to love yourself anyway!"

32. And Play With Colors

If you're going to make a statement, make a loud one, amiright? What made Liz decide to give her hair so much amazing personality? She says, "Impulse drove me to cut my hair off, and it's easy maintenance and the edginess it gave me led me to keep it."

33. Surprises Are Everywhere

How are you to know if a look suits you or not unless you try it? For Alyssa O'Connor, she felt like short hair fit her to a T. "I feel more me with short hair than any of the many lengths of hair I've had in the past. I wanted to feel free again so I cut it all off."

34. Freedom Of Expression Is Everything

Changing your style (and sense of self) drastically after years of sameness is probably going to feel so freeing. Margie Ashcroft encourages, "I hesitated to cut my hair short in fear that because I was plus size I couldn't pull it off. Having taken the pixie hair plunge a few years ago I am a huge believer that short hair is definitely a one size fits all look and worth trying out at least once!"

35. "Your Hair Will Grow And So Will You"

Pip Hicken explains her decision beautifully, saying, "I always wanted to shave my head but I was afraid I'd feel ugly and would regret it. Oh was I wrong. It's a very liberating experience and I feel beautiful with my bald head. If you're thinking about doing it — do it! Your hair will grow and so will you."

36. Don't Let Preferences Get In The Way

Some people like short hair, some people like long hair, and some people like no hair. Don't stop yourself from trying out a look just because a handful of humans won't appreciate it. Emma Welch put it best: "Never try to be what you think others expect you to look like."

37. Say Goodbye To Security Blankets

No hair, no security blanket. It's just you and your face, and you now have to have the confidence and self-love to flaunt it. Isabelle tells me, "One thing is clear: Short hair will give you more confidence, because you can't hide behind it!"

38. Embrace The Unexpected

For Sofia Wetterling, the change was a permanent one. She shares, "I've had my short hair for about a year now and I've never even considered growing it out. It makes me feel brave and I've never felt more confident or truly like myself since I cut it." That's incredibly awesome.

39. Feel Empowered

There's something about chopping off all your locks that can make you feel in control and fearless. Aurelia shares, "How long your hair is says nothing about your beauty and I just feel empowered."

40. Take On A Daring Persona

You know how once you do a scary thing, you then get a taste for boldness? Ellie Sparda points out, "Pixie cuts, in my opinion, are for daring, bold girls who like a cute and easy style to show off to the world!"

41. It's All About Freedom

Imagine waking up and not having to deal with the stress of long hair. All you have to do is run a hand through it, and you're done. For Anna Spencer, she can't get over that fact. She tells me, "It feels freer, and in my opinion, more womanly."

42. Standing Out Is Rad

In a sea of curls, buns, and braids, a short crop will help you stand out from the rest. Laura Saxler says, "In my opinion, the style is something special and definitely an eye catcher!"

43. Even If You Don't Like It, It Won't Last Long

While cutting off all your hair might feel like a big decision, Chelsea Smith wants you to know that it doesn't have to be so life or death. She shares, "I figured hair always grows back, and if I didn't like it I would grow it out. Two years later it's still short, and even with little hair to work with I still find ways to mix it up."

So whether you're chopping your mane off because you love the style, want to do something bold, are hoping to learn to accept yourself more, or are just taking a leap of faith, the bottom line is this: If you like the short 'do, try it out!

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