‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis’ Love Video To Nikki Is Hardly As Meaningful As It Seems — VIDEO

I know, I know. There's been a lot of Bachelor talk lately and you might be sick of it. If you are, get outta here, but if you aren't, welcome, we've been waiting for you. It's just been revealed that Juan Pablo Galavis has a history of love videos. Yep, Nikki's not the first lady who has been graced with a JP original. Juan Pablo made a video for his ex-girlfriend Carla, who is also the mother of his daughter, 5-year-old Camila. We now know that when Juan Pablo is really into a gal, he gathers a bunch of pictures of her and edits them into a video set to romantic music.

On Tuesday, Juan Pablo posted a video to YouTube called "ADVENTURES IN LOVING YOU" full of pictures of himself and Nikki Ferrell, the woman who received his final rose. It's set to a song he co-wrote and it got people thinking that Juan Pablo might really be in love with this woman. The video is super cheesy, but it also makes it look like these two actually like each other. And if you watched the show that's quite surprising.

But not so fast. A Juan Pablo love video doesn't mean it's forever. Juan Pablo posted the video for Carla, called "Todo Cambio!!! (it's accompanied by a song of the same name by the band Camila), back in 2009. The video, like the video for Nikki, is a bunch of pictures of Carla and Juan Pablo looking happy. Except this one has a twist ending! Carla becomes pregnant and it also includes photos of her baby bump and sonogram. It's actually pretty sad to watch. They were so in love! They paint Camila's nursery and pose for corny pregnancy photos together. It's a lot to handle even if you don't like Juan Pablo. What if he used to be a great guy and didn't turn into an insensitive kissing machine until he broke up with Carla? Just check out his goofy haircut! He looks so innocent!

Juan Pablo Galavis on YouTube

No! No, Juan Pablo, you cannot trick us with that pure look of joy on your face while Carla opens her baby shower gifts! We know that you have a history of repeating the way you show your love for women. (Also, we totally noticed on The Bachelor when you greeted all the women the exact same way. "You look so pretty today!") If I was Nikki and saw that Juan Pablo also made a video for Carla, I'd be disappointed. What seems like a sweet idea, doesn't have the same effect if you know he's practiced in making these videos and can throw one together whenever necessary.

It is possible that Juan Pablo is keeping this posted because of his daughter — I know, even I'm using his daughter excuse now — but the video does end with her name popping up on the screen and it's full of nice memories for her to watch. Still, that doesn't lessen the fact that Nikki's video isn't quite as special as it originally appeared.