New 'Breaking Bad' Teaser Featuring Walter White Reveals One Plot Point

It's not enough that it's taking forever to get to Aug. 11, AMC has to offer us tiny bits of footage of Breaking Bad's fifth season to make us even more impatient. After releasing two teasers featuring Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), the network has unveiled a new spot featuring none other than Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

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The teaser tells us two things: 1) Walt is surely in trouble, and 2) Hank does not immediately act on his realization that Walt is Heisenberg. Last we saw Walt, he was holding a dinner party with Skyler, Marie, and Hank in attendance, and was most definitely not wearing pajamas. Seeing that Walt had enough time to change — and is still parking at his own home — proves that Hank will move a little slower in apprehending Walt than we would hope. What would be holding him back?

But what is Walt fretting about? Did he find out that Hank discovered his true identity? Is there another drug lord out for revenge? Or is he simply just looking for that pizza?

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Image: AMC