Can Elena Be Trusted On 'Fear The Walking Dead'? The Hotel Employee Is Ruthless

We've seen many a villain on The Walking Dead, but one of the things that set Fear The Walking Dead apart from the start was the lack of hardened, ruthless characters. That, however, is not the case with the hotel employee that Alicia befriended in Sunday's episode. Can Elena be trusted on Fear The Walking Dead ? The new character is utilitarian in her survival strategy to a fault.

Remember the abandoned wedding that Strand and the others discovered when they first got to the hotel? The episode opened with the story behind that tragically uneaten wedding cake. The guests seemed to know that they were enjoying their last moments of freedom. The bride's mother wanted everyone to evacuate before the borders shut down. Then, unfortunately, her husband had a heart attack on the dance floor. When the father of the bride turned and took a giant bite out of his daughter, Elena locked the wedding party in to protect her other guests. Brutal!

Not only is she merciless, but she's smart — or at least knows more about the apocalypse and the infected than she's letting on. When Alicia discovered Elena in the upper floors of the hotel, she explained that she and her nephew Hector had been sectioning off the hotel and locking infected in rooms when they could.

Now Hector is missing — anyone want to bet that he found Ofelia? I like that Alicia and Elena were able to gain each other's trust. Part of me wants to believe that Elena won't betray the group. She's resourceful, and her dynamic with the others is compelling. That said, there were children at that wedding. Alicia has put her trust in the wrong people before, and I can only hope that this time, it doesn't backfire.

Image: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC