Where Can You Use Pokemon Appraisal?

If you're trying to step up your "Pokemon Go" game (who isn't?), the app's latest update will be your new BFF. Pokemon Appraisal introduces Trainer-Team Leader interaction, allowing trainers to learn more about a Pokemon's ability to attack and a defend. This introduces yet another question for Trainers: Where can you use Pokemon Appraisal in "Pokemon Go?" Sure, we know it's useful for gym battles — but do you actually need to be at a gym to use it?

The short answer? No, you do not need to be at a gym! You can access your little monster's appraisal from the regular menu, no matter where you are — and it's pretty easy. The new feature offers extra valuable insight, as your team leader (Candela for Team Valor, Blanche for Team Mystic, or Spark for Team Instinct) will clue you in about your Pokemon's potential for battle, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. While the appraisals are somewhat vague, knowing how that Pokemon compares to others of its species can help you decide which ones to evolve, battle, or trade. Plus, the "Pokemon Go" database offers a more detailed breakdown of what each appraisal means. It's a good resource to keep handy anytime you're accessing Pokemon Appraisal.

So, if you don't need to be at a gym to use Pokemon Appraisal, how exactly do you access it? Here's a quick breakdown of the steps you'll need to take.

1. Tap The Pokeball To Go To Your Menu

If you're a newbie, it's that red and white circle in the bottom center.

2. Tap "Pokemon" To Go To Your Collection Of Pokemon

This will bring up all the Pokemon you've captured thus far.

3. Tap The Pokemon You Want To Appraise

Let's go with Abra.

4. Tap The Hamburger Icon

The hamburger icon is those three little lines in the bottom right corner. This introduces another menu.

5. Tap "Appraise"

And that's it. Easy as pie, right?

Competition is getting stiff, and Trainers are raising the bar every single day. Use Pokemon Appraisal, and catch 'em all.

Images: Lucia Peters/Bustle (5)