Michelle Sees Paul's True Power On 'Big Brother'

Natalie and James seem to be the head honchos of the Big Brother 18 house lately, but I think they’re discounting one big problem — Paul. Natalie, James, and the rest of the gang put Victor and Paul up on the block for eviction, and somehow, Paul manipulated his way back into safe territory. Right now, Paul is the biggest threat in the Big Brother house, especially to Natalie and James, so they better watch out before he flips it all back on them.

When he was put up for eviction because "he lied" and then found out that Victor was just a pawn to get him out, Paul freaked out, demanding to know what he had done and why everyone was suddenly so quick to evict him. When he asked Michelle and Natalie what he lied about, Natalie said that she thought he told Paulie to put James up for eviction. Paul said it didn’t happen that way, Natalie started crying, and Michelle was the only one who saw this mastery for what it was — a way for Paul to stay in the game. Michelle knows that Paul is the biggest threat in the house, and they have to get him out of there ASAP.

Paul ended up winning the Power Of Veto competition, so he was going to be safe anyway (he nominated Corey in his place, so see ya later, Corey), but let’s say he didn’t. Paul’s ability to be sympathetic and toy with people’s emotions would have saved him this time around — I don’t know how Natalie didn’t know she was being manipulated during their conversation.

It could be that her last and biggest adversary, Paulie, wasn’t the quiet manipulation kind of guy. He was loud, he was forthright, and he was kind of a jerk. Natalie knows how to stand up to bullies and convince people to kick them out of the Big Brother 18 house, but will she and James be able to convince the other houseguests to evict the nice(r) guy?

Corey and Victor are on the block right now, and I think that Corey will be evicted, since he’s such a strong player and Victor was just supposed to be a pawn up on the block anyway. Then another jury member will be able to battle his or her way back into the Big Brother 18 house, and Natalie, James, and the rest of their alliance better take notice of Paul’s actions. I hope they listen to Michelle, who seems to be the only one to realize that Mr. Nice Guy isn’t actually a nice guy — he’s playing the game just like the rest of them and will stab everybody else in the back if given the opportunity. In fact, Paul is working with Victor to start picking the rest of the houseguests off.

We’re at the point in the season of Big Brother when anything can happen, so it’s time for the people who want to win to stop trusting the other houseguests and start making some smart decisions.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS