Is This Why Paul Always Says "Your Boy" On 'BB18'?

Audiences got to meet Paul's family this week on Big Brother , and his supportive mother and father were able to give us some new insights into this "Friendship"-loving houseguest. Remember the letter Paul received from his mother when he won HOH — the one that said that she still goes into his room every morning to say good morning? Well, it turns out, she wasn't lying. As she told the Big Brother cameras, she still gives him his good morning kiss every day. But the best thing that came from Paul's home visit was that Paul's parents exposed the meaning of his catchphrase on BB18 , "Your Boy."

Even if you've only seen five minutes of Big Brother 18, you know that Paul can't go two seconds without referring to himself as "your boy." It's spread to his new "twin" in the house, Paulie, and it's become almost as much a part of Big Brother as competitions, at this point. To be honest, I assumed this was just Paul's annoying quirk, but his father revealed in his interview that every time Paul says "your boy," he thinks it's meant for him. "We're buddies," Paul's father said. If, in fact, Paul's "your boy" catchphrase is meant for his father, then even I have to admit, it's pretty cute.

Also pretty cute? Paul's parents' reaction to his newfound love with Paulie. Talking about Team P/P, Paul's mom said that she was happy that her son had made such a good friend in the house, adding that she was happy because "I have two sons now." Even if you can't stand Paul and Paulie's bromance, you have to admit, that's pretty cute.

Images: CBS