Bryson Tiller & Drake Are Friendly Competitors

While he may have a seemingly never-ending feud with Meek Mill, there's a certain someone that Drake has no beef with. Despite the fact that they're competing against one another in two categories at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, Drake and Bryson Tiller are friends first and foremost. For this reason, I'm guessing it will be all OK, no matter who wins. That's because these two continue to be supportive of one another as their careers progress. If anything, I bet Drizzy would be so proud to see Tiller take home a moon man trophy.

For the record, these guys are both up for the Best Male Video category. "Hotline Bling" is nominated (unsurprisingly), as is Tiller's song "Don't." Those same tracks are contenders in the Best Hip Hop Video category as well. No matter which one wins, I don't think it'd destroy their friendship, especially since when Tiller first came on the scene, it was Drake who had his back and was rooting for him — and it sure seems like the admiration is mutual.

Back in January, Tiller said he considers Drake a role model. He told the UK website Capital Xtra, "Drake is also one of my favorite artists and rappers ever — those are my biggest inspirations." As for Drake being a fan of his, Tiller shared this anecdote:

"[Drake] actually text[ed] me one day. I sent him a few songs from T R A P S O U L. He was like 'Wow these songs are incredible,' then he said these exact words, 'We want to sign you to OVO.' I was like wow and just stared at the text message for a minute."

Ultimately, Tiller signed to RCA instead, but it's huge that Drizzy directly asked him to come to his label October's Very Own. And even though he signed elsewhere, Drake still appears to be cheering him on. Just look at the buddy-buddy Instagram below.

So nope, don't expect Drake to come out with "Back to Back" part 2 and make it all about Tiller if he takes a VMA trophy from him. If anything, I could picture Drake standing up and giving him a huge hug. Because come on, that's what friends do.