Forget The Cake, Get The Donut Wall

by Kaitlyn Wylde

The modern bride is a non-traditional woman. She's the kind of woman who might forgo a wedding cake and opt for something outside of the box, or maybe even on the wall — like donut wall at her wedding, because she can. And because she wants to, because she doesn't have to follow the rules. The rules are no longer expected of her. Weddings are now officially DIY, custom creative innovations.

Now, the modern bride's main priority is to create a night that people will remember, not a night that people have experienced various times with different brides and locations. So today's modern bride wants her guests to feel like they're at a personalized celebration and not a stiff ceremony. She wants her friends and family to enjoy her wedding as one might enjoy a tour around the Willy Wonka factory, what with eating things off walls and such.

Yes, it's really true, the latest trend in modern weddings is a donut wall. What is a donut wall, you ask? Well, it's basically an assortment of donuts that are fastened to a wall, acting both as a whimsical decoration and a dessert. Different brides use different donut walls for different reasons. Some brides decorate a wall with donuts for the sake of having something creative to attach seating arrangements to, because whats better than an edible name card? Some brides add the donuts as a bonus dessert. And some brides swap-out the traditional cake ceremony entirely and send their guests to the wall.

You might be thinking this concept sounds familiar. That's because it is. You're thinking about the famous flower wall that Kanye made Kim for mother's day, which was pretty cool. But you can't eat flowers, and you can eat donuts, so you do the math; a donut wall is infinitely cooler. And here's the thing about this trend — it's huge for two reasons. First, it's aesthetically pleasing and basically looks like an art instillation from far away. And second, donuts. Donuts are really in this year, so giving them their own wall is the perfect homage. It's also the perfect opportunity for bakers to flex their creative muscles and show off their prettiest batches. After a few months, I'm sure the internet will have instigated enough competition that donut walls of the near future will be worthy of a spot at the Museum of Modern Art.

OK, OK, you've waited long enough, here are some shots of the creations in all of their nuptial-themed glory.

I guess the only downside of putting dessert on the wall is that the guests might have to draw straws for who will be there first person to brave the first donut take down. (Dibs!)

Image: Unsplash