‘Below Deck Med’ Season 2 Is Happening

Throw on your swim fins and snorkel, because it's high time we dove right into this piece of Bravo Kingdom news: As Deadline reported earlier this week, Below Deck Mediterranean was picked up for a second season. And just when I thought the Below Deck spinoff might be done for good because it did not get a reunion (I still rue the day I realized that a postseason special wasn’t happening), Andy Cohen reels me right back in, plops me on a mega-yacht docked on the shores of Mykonos, and hands me an ice cold glass of renewal announcement! I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Andy Cohen.

The premiere date and cast have yet to be released, but I do know the following to be true: There are bunch of characters from the first season of Below Deck Med that better be part of the second round. You just can't deny star power, ya know? Here are some of the supporting Season 1 cast members that definitely deserve to be on Below Deck Med Season 2:

  • The entrée, er, main course
  • Chef Ben’s handwritten menus
  • The beef kabobs
  • The Tilted Kit towels
  • The batch of freshly purchased croissants
  • The love-themed dinner
  • Danny’s cell phone
  • Danny’s SIM card
  • Danny’s poem
  • Danny’s “how to be a better deckhand” list
  • The “expresso” martinis
  • The bottles of Tito’s vodka
  • The hays of bale
  • The bottle of cleaning product that played a huge role in the Bryan/Hannah/Julia crew mess fight
  • The 3 a.m. American football game
  • The thermometer
  • That one charter guest’s discarded hair extensions
  • That other charter guest’s lace trousers
  • The bowline knot
  • The Jen knot
  • And finally, Ben’s s’more concoction

That pastel marshmallow glob is quite the breakout star, no?

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; gingesbecray/tumblr