Drake's Released Short Films Before

I'm never surprised when Drake reveals a new skill, because he's proven that he's good at almost everything — and that was no different Friday when news broke that Drake might be releasing a short film. But, just so we're all aware, this new short film isn't actually a new skill per se, because Drake has done a short film before. It was called Jungle , and it was released in 2015, and don't you worry: we're going to talk all about the ways that it's similar to and different from this new one he has planned, so don't you worry. The Canadian rapper/actor/whatever he wants to be announced on Friday that we can expect his short film Please Forgive Me on Sep. 30. Please Forgive Me will feature new music from Drake producer Noah "40" Shebib, who gets shouted out repeatedly on Views , and there are rumors that the film will also contain the long-awaited videos for "One Dance" and "Child's Play".

It's sort of the opposite way that Drake treated Jungle, because that time around, he released the almost 15-minute film as promotion for If You're Reading This, It's Too Late before it came out, instead of after. But either way, Jungle was full to bursting with exciting tidbits, from Drake rapping to Drake acting, to just generally giving us a longer-than usual chance to get to know him a little better. Music videos are great, and I think Drake does a good job of getting his personalities out in them, but a short film is an opportunity to do that on a larger scale, and really make the project whatever he wants, so I imagine he'll have just as much in store for us this time around. Take a look at what he did last time, just for some proof:

Don't get me wrong, Jungle is great, but if Drake really wants to break through the noise of Frank Ocean's Blonde and DJ Khaled's Major Key to get back on our minds, he's going to have to make quite an impact with Please Forgive Me. Really put yourself out there in a big way this time. Maybe he could call Beyoncé and get any tips or tricks she has lying around after the making of Lemonade? Now there's something we're still talking about even months later.