Drake's Short Film Inspired A Trip To 'Degrassi'

Thursday, rapper and dream gas station snacks shopping companion Drake shared a short film titled “Jungle” on his website. There are a lot of good things happening in the 14 minute and 40 second video (AUGHHH LITTLE DRAKE RAPPING!), and one of those things happens to be Drake acting. Don't get me wrong, I am nuts about his music, but watching Drake act makes me think about Degrassi, and I love anything that makes me think about Degrassi. Consider me a big fan of "Jungle".

What I'm about to say is not news, but before we knew him as Drake the Rapper, he was Aubrey Graham, Canadian Teen Soap Actor. For a whopping eight seasons, he played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. I remain a faithful Degrassi viewer to this day, and no matter how busy and famous Drake gets, I will never stop holding out hope for The Return of Jimmy Brooks. If I was watching Degrassi in the year 2015 and the camera panned over to Spinner Mason chatting with Jimmy Brooks at The Dot like old times, my Noggin would explode that very second.

ANYWAY, I'm always looking for an excuse to revisit clips from the soap, and "Jungle" is as good a reason as any. Here are some Degrassi moments that made my heart grow three sizes:

Jimmy & Spinner freestyle

I can't feel. My face. Smiling. Too Hard.

Jimmy & Spinner buy condoms

Remember when Jimmy and Ashley decided against doing the deed, and then made balloons out of the condoms? ICONIC TV MOMENT.

Jimmy & Ashley perform together; Jimmy performs alone

Poor Ashley.

Manny & Emma meet Jimmy & Spinner

Jimmy doesn't have any lines in this scene, but that look at the 0:20 mark says so much.

Jimmy dresses up & dances like Michael Jackson

...Aaaaand rips his pants.

WHAT A JOURNEY. He started at Degrassi Community School, and now he's here: