The 2016 VMAs Memes & Jokes Are Here

The MTV Video Music Awards are often rife with the kind of iconic pop culture moments that people still talk about years later. (One needs only to mention Kanye West and Taylor Swift in the same breath to remember that that feud famously kicked off with the mic grab seen 'round the world at the 2009 VMAs.) And, thanks to the rapid-fire pace of social media, these types of moments immediately gain a second life — literally while they are happening or just milliseconds later — in the form of memes and highly retweeted Twitter jokes. And of course, the Internet delivered the 2016 VMAs memes and jokes, turning everything from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift (who, BTW, wasn't even there) into the type of viral content that quickly zips its way through cyberspace and earns a place in hearts forever. Remember, folks: The Internet never forgets.

T. Swift may not have even been in attendance on the white carpet, but she certainly was one of the most meme-able celebs at the VMAs. From the comparison of her squad to Beyoncé's (Bey's > Taylor's TBH) to the many, many superimposed images of her face on a snake (sorry, Tay), check out some memes of the 2016 VMAs:

Snakes On A Stage

This is a popular meme theme.

Squad Upgrade

Bey came to play.

Kanye's Shocking Appearance

Happy Kanye???

Drake's Traffic Woes

Stars, they're just like us.

Beyonce's Killer Performance

They don't call her queen for nothing.

Drake's Rihanna Confession

Keep giving us these iconic moments, VMAs. Never change.