12 Steps to Throwing A Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt, Booze Included

You may be over the Easter Bunny, and you may think you're too old for a traditional Easter egg hunt. But with a little imagination, some tasty treats and, of course, some alcohol, that lawn game you remember from childhood can take on a decidedly grown up vibe. So get your baskets ready! This is one holiday party you won't want to miss.

by Allyson Dickman

Mimosa Bar

Start the party off on the right foot by inviting guests over for a boozy brunch! You don’t have to play bartender — set up a DIY mimosa bar with different juices and mix ins.

Image: The Glamorous Housewife

DIY Waffle Station

This hunt is going to take up a lot of energy, so skip the typical Easter ham and potato salad and opt for a carb-loaded waffle brunch, with fixings like fresh fruit, syrups, and whipped cream.

Image: Veronica Yem

Decorate Your Space

Outfit your party with a few easy, holiday decorations. This one turns eggshells and an egg carton into a beautiful floral centerpiece.

Image: Brit + Co.

Let the Hunt Begin

Now the fun begins: Have your guests dress up in some kitschy holiday accessories and divide into teams of two.

Image: Fotolia

Here's a Clue

Hand out a set of clues to each team, leading them all to 10 to 20 well-hidden eggs. Need help coming up with twisted hints? Use Clue Sleuth, a scavenger hint creator, on your phone.

Amp up the Competition

Before the hunt starts, hand out three confetti-filled eggs to each team. As they hunt, they can smash an egg on another player’s head to freeze them for two minutes — allowing the smashers to get a head start.

Image: Oh Happy Day

Hidden Treasures

Fill your eggs with candy’s more adult sibling: alcohol. If your eggs aren’t big enough to hold one of those mini bottles of booze, make a hole in the top to let the spout stick out.

Image: Pinterest

For the Ladies

Stuff the eggs with other surprises, like costume jewelry, nail polish, or bow ties.

Image: Lovely Indeed

Take a Shot

Place Jell-O shot-filled eggs at random throughout the hunt — when a team comes across one of these, they have to take the shot!

Image: Bakers Royale

Grand Prize

For the team that collected their eggs in the shortest time, put together a sophisticated Easter basket for two, loaded with champagne, cheese, fruit, and chocolate. Everyone else gets to go home with the loot they collected.

Image: House of Earnest

Sweet finish

Celebrate a hunt well done with a surprise ending: A confetti cake to match your eggs, stuffed full of candy.

Image: Honest Cooking

Party Favors

So you don’t hear one peep of complaint, send all your guests home with a delicious favor. Layer graham cracker crumbs, Peeps, and pastel M&M’s inside a Mason jar for an Easter s’mores brownie kit.

Image: Chic Meets Healthy