The 11 Dyed Easter Eggs That Are Way Too Cute to Eat

Let's all admit that decorating eggs for Easter is not nearly as fun as it's made out to be. Sure, the commercials make it seem like nonstop laughs and good times, but my memories of coloring eggs include me smelling like vinegar, my hands being dyed every color of the rainbow, and far too many accidental spills and ruined tablecloths.

But there are certainly ways to upgrade the egg-dyeing experience. Eggs are a cool canvas so we should do something more creative with them! Lucky for you, I found 11 ways to decorate eggs that are not only cuter but more fun than usual.

Image: Miss Renaissance

sprinkle eggs

These sprinkle eggs from Studio DIY look good enough to eat.

Image: Studio DIY

foil eggs

Have you ever seen eggs as sophisticated and trendy as these foil ones from Miss Renaissance? These are easy to make and the result is obviously awesome.

Image: Miss Renaissance

calligraphed eggs

Let’s be honest and say our handwriting isn’t nearly nice enough to attempt these stunning calligraphed eggs from Oh Happy Day. But! You can download the free template here. Hooray!

Image: Oh Happy Day

silhouette eggs

I love the pop of pink against these white eggs from Le Papier Studio. You can cut out any silhouette you’d like and dye away!

Image: Le Papier Studio

painted wooden eggs

The best part of these painted wooden eggs from My Poppet, besides the obvious fact that they are adorable, is that you don’t even need real eggs!

Image: My Poppet

watercolor letter eggs

If you are looking for a more traditional dyed egg look, then look no further than these watercolor letter eggs from Oh Happy Day. They are similar to the infamous PAAS look, but with some added flair.

Image: Oh Happy Day

pineapple eggs

Pineapple eggs? YES, please. Studio DIY is known for turning basically anything into a pineapple so these come as no surprise. Add some tropical flair to your Easter table this year with these cuties.

Image: Studio DIY

pastel portrait eggs

What better way to use eggs as a canvas than with these pastel portrait ones from Paper & Stitch. Commemorate your favorite artists, authors, or friend with this DIY.

Image: Paper & Stitch

jell-o eggs

April Fool’s is over but that doesn’t mean can’t pull off anymore pranks. Trick your guests this Easter with these tasty Jell-o eggs from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day

sweet and simple eggs

If all of these DIYs are too much work, these plastic eggs from Sugar and Cloth are cleverly stuffed with confetti and macarons.

Image: Sugar and Cloth

mini easter dome

If eggs aren’t your thing, try this adorable mini Easter dome from Vitamini Handmade.

Image: Vitamini Handmade