11 Expensive Beauty Products You Just Had To Have In The 2000s

From stocking up on all your favorite makeup to buying the best tools to apply them, beauty products can get expensive. It seems like now-a-days there's no way around spending tons of cash on them. The early '00s were a little different though. There were tons of must-have drugstore beauty buy that were totally affordable. To no surprise, there were also a few expensive early '00s products that you saved up for, and they'll give you one heck of a flashback.

Think back for a second to a simpler time, where you wore whatever you had on hand and saved up for a few special products that you just had to have. I'm talking about those one-of-a-kind fad items that you just had to get your hands on. You weren't alone though. Pretty much everyone had that one special item that they dreamed about in the early '00s.

Whether it was a trendy fragrance or a cult-favorite beauty product that you had your eye on, the most popular beauty items were also some of the most expensive. I'm talking about the ones that all your friends were talking about, so you needed it too. Odds are you'd be totally embarrassed to admit that you spent your entire savings on the item now. If you don't remember which one your were obsessed with, then maybe a few of these expensive '90s items will give you a flashback.

1. Jessica Simpson's Dessert

Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats, $15, ebay.com

In the prime of pop stars, this was the beauty line to have. There was everything from edible perfumes to kissable body lotion. To be honest, it was a gross concept, but odds are you had to have it.

2. Abercrombie 8 Perfume

Women's 8 Perfume, $48, abercrombie.com

Because it wasn't enough to just gag on it as you shopped. You needed to bring it home with you too.

3. Juicy Tubes

Lancome Juicy Tubers Ultra Shiny Gloss, $19, ulta.com

These little glosses made a comeback in recent year, but they stayed just as expensive as they were before.

4. Proactive

Proactive Solution 3 Step System, $30, proactive.com

Let's just be honest, we all saved our money for this system that didn't really work.

5. MAC Lipglass

MAC Clear Lipglass, $16, maccosmetics.com

If you wanted your lipgloss to be poppin', this was the one you saved up for.

6. Urban Decay's Mash Mallow

Urban Decay Mash Mallow, $19, allcosmeticswholesale.com

For some reason, everyone just had to have this lick-able body powder.

7. Hot Tools Crimper

Hot Tools Micro Crimper, $30, amazon.com

Befire the straightener was cool, it was the crimper that everyone was obsessed with.

8. Part Pizazz

New Hairagami Part Pizazz, $12, ebay.com

If it wasn't this as-seen-on-tv item, then it was another pricey hair product.

9. Curious by Britney Spears

Curious By Britney Spears, $35, kohls.com

This perfume smells exactly like the '00s. Actually, you can still buy this is plenty of stores today.

10. Highlights

L'Oreal Paris Frost & Design Hair Frost Kit, $10, walmart.com

Highlights were all the rage in the '00s. Either you saved up for the do-it-yourself version or paid a good chuck of change to get them done professionally.

11. Fake Bake Flawless

Fake Bake Flawless Self Tanner, $25, zabiva.com

After watching The OC and The Hills, odds are you were inspired to do some self-tanning.

If these don't bring back some horrendous beauty memories for you, then you just didn't do the '00s right.

Images: Courtesy Brands (11)