Twitter Reacts To Beyonce's VMAs Outfit

When Beyoncé arrived at the MTV VMAs, all I could think was that she looked stunning. That was my first and only opinion. Twitter's reaction to Beyonce's dress, however, seemed to be a bit more mixed. And I guess I can kind of see why.

Amidst a crowd of more traditional dresses (at least thus far in the evening), Bey and her choice of ensemble definitely stood out. I'm happy for that, since this is the VMAs we're talking about. And also, this is Beyoncé. She's the Queen, and of course can wear whatever she wants.

And that's exactly what she did. The singer walked the white carpet in a sea foam green, long-sleeved sequined number with what can only be described as a feathered neckpiece. It soared up higher than her head, and did a pretty good job of framing her flawless face.

The rest of the floor length dress was pretty much sheer, in a way that only Beyoncé can pull off. What really made the look complete, though, was that Blue Ivy was tagging along. She was dressed as the most adorable ballerina ever in a blush toned tutu and super-cute headpiece.

Check out some Twitter's opinions (positive and otherwise) below, starting with this user's "Star Wars" reference.

I guess I can see it!

This user was not impressed.

And neither was this one. But of course, most people thought she looked beautiful.

As did Blue Ivy.

Bow down indeed.

Beyoncé, you really can do no wrong!