Who's That Lady?

If you've been watching TV, you may have noticed a new ad for Old Navy starring Amy Poehler. Poehler steals the scene — I mean, it's Amy Poehler suddenly on your screen in a commercial talking about dog yoga, how couldn't she? But if after seeing the ad a couple times you started to wonder who the other actress is, that's totally reasonable. Old Navy's other actress is Christine Donlon and she's got more going for her than a butt that somehow looks nice in Old Navy's ill fitting jeans.

Here are five facts about the lady who spins and models for Amy Poehler.

1. She was on Gossip Girl . This is obviously the most exciting fact! Donlon played the role of "Casting Assistant" in a 2011 episode titled, "Yes, Then Zero." You do remember her, don't you? Yeah, me neither.

2. The background of her Twitter profile is a screenshot of her dancing in the Old Navy commercial. Hey, I can't blame her. Modeling for Amy Poehler in a 30-second clip that plays over and over again is what she has going on right now and she's owning it.

3. She handles weird internet compliments with humor. She posted the following picture on Instagram with the caption, "You guys. I've achieved my dream. Random strangers social networking about my butt. #oldnavy #commercial #butt."

4. She also has acting in small roles on Louie and How I Met Your Mother. She played "Jeff's wife" and Toby, respectively.

5. She's currently acting on the web series Profession Friend , a comedy about a man who starts a business based on being a great friend.

Check out Christin Donlon in all her spinning glory below.

Image: Old Navy; Christine Donlon/ Instagram