Rihanna's VMAs Playlist Was Just Amazing

Attention all other award shows, if you want to kick your ceremony off with a major dose of awesome, get Rihanna on the phone now. Rihanna opened the 2016 VMAs with a medley of some of her biggest hits, and then followed the first medley up with three more. The mashups were everything music lovers could possibly ask for: Rihanna's energy was turned up to a 1,000 and she seamlessly weaved some of her biggest hits together to produce a performance that was nothing short of magical. Can she get a moon man for best 2016 VMAs performance? Because she deserves it, along with her Vanguard Award.

Rihanna performed four medleys in total, but for now, it's time to appreciate her stunning work in the opening number. In just a few short minutes, Rihanna sang parts of four of her biggest hits to create a mashup you will want to add to your get pumped playlist as soon as possible — seriously, Rihanna, that medley needs to be available to download yesterday. For now, you will just have to make your own mix with the four classic songs Rihanna adapted for her opening mashup.

The four songs in Rihanna's 2016 VMAs mashup were "Don't Stop the Music," "Only Girl (In the World)," "We Found Love," and "Where Have You Been." All of those songs are classics individually, but somehow they sound even better together. Leave it to Rihanna to take something amazing and make it even better.

The second medley featured "Werk," "What’s My Name," and "Rude Boy." It was just as flawless as the first, but the third may have been the best of the bunch thanks to Rihanna's embracing her most recent hits. "Needed Me," "Pour It Up," and "B**** Better Have My Money" came together to show Rihanna at her fiercest. Finally, the closing number for the 2016 VMAs was all romance. Rihanna broke out three of her best ballads to wrap up the night — "Stay," "Like a Diamond," and "Love on the Brain."

Until you can relive Rihanna's stunning performances over and over again, check out her classic videos and appreciate the wonders of Rihanna's talent.

"Don't Stop The Music"

This Rihanna throwback song never gets old.

"Only Girl (In The World"

Your favorite song to belt out in the shower got an upgrade thanks to the 2016 VMAs mashup.

"We Found Love"

Calvin Harris is wonderful and all, but Rihanna didn't need any help with her beautiful anthem to finding love during her performance.

"Where Have You Been"

Rihanna finished up her performance with the high energy perfection of "Where Have You Been."


This collaboration with Drake will never get old.

"What’s My Name"

Another Drake collab, this song is one of Rihanna's best.

"Rude Boy"

The second medley ended on the right note with the always fun "Rude Boy."

"Needed Me"

Rihanna's newest single fittingly opened her final mashup.

"Pour It Up"

This song will get you hyped every single time you hear it.

"B**** Better Have My Money"

Of course, Rihanna had to end her edgiest mashup with this song. It's basically an anthem at this point.


The gorgeous "Stay" will forever be one of the most romantic songs ever.


This song is one of Rihanna's most enduring classics.

"Love On The Brain"

By ending the night with her most recent hit, Rihanna proved the best is yet to come.

Individually or together, these Rihanna songs will always be pure pop perfection.