This Illustrator Just Turned 20-Something Adulting Into Hilarious Comics On Instagram

In the library of comics, the void that was adulting has now been sufficiently filled by an illustrator who's turned 20-something adulthood into comic strips. Mari Andrew is a writer and illustrator based in Washington, D.C. who has turned her now-viral Instagram feed into a comic expression of the Millennial experience. And it's hilarious.

Andrew depicts the kinds of nuances that we don't always talk about, but are definitely familiar with. Like the pair of shorts you don't wear because you don't want to shave your legs. Or the guy on Bumble who was clearly trying to use you to fill the void his ex-girlfriend left. Or that seemingly mandatory Instagram pilgrimage to Iceland you're saving up for. Swap a few details for accuracy, and we've all been through these predicaments.

"I started drawing illustrations last year," Andrew tells Bustle. "I was going through a hard time and feeling pretty lost ... I began drawing moments of my life as a way to process funny and weird and ridiculous things that happen to me every day as a single woman with a sometimes-fun, sometimes-hard life. It amazed me how many people could relate to my specific and personal experiences, and I really love that feeling of connection with other people — especially women."

Andrew also draws a lot about being alone — but not lonely. "I've been single this whole year and that's been marvelous. I love being single, and it's something I draw about a lot because I think it's often shown as a really pathetic and sad thing to be," Andrew says. "I think it's a freeing, exciting thing to be."

"I've dated a lot in the past year, which is reflected in my comics, and it always makes me feel so much better to know I'm not alone! Online dating has created this culture of disposability, and it's so hurtful to give so much of yourself just to be ghosted on. It can feel like an isolating experience," Andrew says. "Everyone goes through rejection, heartbreak, and disappointment when it comes to romance."

Everyone experiences it — but few can make it so funny. Check out more of Andrew's comics on her Instagram. Warning: high risk of falling into web-hole, allot at least 45 minutes time for stalking.

Images: bymariandrew/Instagram