What Disney Princesses Look Like As Millennials

Disney Princesses will forever hold a special place in many of our hearts — we grew up with Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora, and all the rest populating the fantastical worlds of our imaginations. But what would they look like today? To find out, Canadian artist Anoosha Syed recreated Disney Princesses as Millennials, bringing these iconic characters to life in a totally new and refreshing way. Syed's reimagination of some of our childhood heroines depicts them as girls we'd hang out with today, maintaining the original qualities and characteristics that we loved so much, but adding a modern twist. It's an interesting take on these well-known faces, particularly for the people who claim that Disney princesses are outdated gender stereotypes. Not anymore!

Scrolling through Syed's Instagram page, it's clear that she is an artist of many skills and talents. Her collection of drawings includes cute comics, updates on her projects (she's illustrated a couple of books and even released her own artbook), and the occasional selfie. You'll certainly pause when you see a Disney Princess Millennial, though. She's incredibly relatable, and also a little bit mysterious. You might not fully recognize her at first, but you want to be friends with her — and something is going to look oddly familiar...

The depictions are creative and original, but you can find those clues that you're still looking at a Disney character. We all recognize Esmerelda's eyes, Pocahontas's windblown hair, and the flower that Mulan tucks behind her ear. What a beautiful mixture of old school Disney and today's fashion and behavior.

Syed's work is truly unique, and really one of a kind. I think she did an awesome job of bringing these princesses to modern day while still capturing the essence of what makes them so special. Be sure to follow Anoosha Syed on Instagram. You can also learn more about her by heading to her website.

Images: Courtesy of Anoosha Syed/Instagram (5)