'Bachelor' Winner Nikki Ferrell And 'Bachelorette' to be Andi Dorfman Are The Best of BFFs

While there's no telling what will come from The Bachelor and his "chosen" (that's right, operative word is chosen, as opposed to wife-to-be) woman, we can easily assume there's a different successful relationship thats emerged from the show. Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman are actually friends . How do we know this? Nikki's very own Instagram.

Nikki posted a pic montage of two of them with the BFF-sounding message to the future Bachelorette that said: "@andi_dorfman I could not have made it through this experience without you. Thank you for being a best friend, someone I can always trust, laugh with, and cry with. I can't wait to hear all about your adventure! Much love.#thebachelorette #truefriendship #love."

AWWW. This sounds like more commitment than anything that ever came out of Juan Pablo's mouth!

It's an interesting thing to think about: that friendships can emerge amongst the women in the house who are vying for that final rose. Sure, they're all competing for that guy (who walking away from him with gusto, like Andi did), but who wants to be catty while filming in a house for months? Isn't it the natural tendency for folks to want to have friends? Or am I just an eternal optimist here? Then again, it is a little weird to share stories about the same guy's sexual fetishes and body hair patterns with a pal if you're both really into him.

Still, look at this adorable friend-pic:

Images: nikki_ferrell/Instagram