7 Social Media Tips We'd Like To Travel 5 Years Back In Time And Give Ourselves

Like it or not, you've probably been that person on social media at one time or another. We've all felt so passionate about something political that penning a rambling Facebook status felt appropriate. Posting 16 pictures to Instagram in the span of an hour is something all newbies fall victim to. But looking back through your feed, the desire to travel back through time and teach yourself a few social media lessons can often be overwhelming.

For Raimy Sullivan of The CW's Frequency , time travel isn't something she practices in order to undo her social media sins. It's something thrust upon her in a disorienting, life-changing string of events. Set in 2016, the young detective finds herself in contact with the past through a series of radio frequencies. Stranger and stranger things start to happen, and it becomes clear that her access to the past has caused a butterfly effect in her present. Her world is rocked by the changes, but she gets something that many of us pine for — a re-do.

Speaking of a re-do, we asked a few young ladies to give themselves life advice based on their social media from five years ago. Don't miss the series premiere of The CW's Frequency, October 5th – Wednesdays at 9/8c.

1. Cool It With The Mani-Cam

"Close ups of your 'nail art' aren't impressing anyone."

- Elly, 23

2. Know The Difference Between "Free Spirited" And "Not Sanitary"

"Like, maybe fewer pictures of yourself barefoot. I know you are studying abroad and going through your Hippie Phase, but this is gross."

- Jaclyn, 29

3. Focus Less On Your "Brand" And More On The People That Make You Happy

"I was an early adopter of Instagram. Looking back on my posts from when I first joined, I would tell myself not to conform just to get followers or likes. I used to post to document my life; my feed was full of scenes from road trips and group shots of friends and family. Now, it's sunsets and ice cream cones. I keep resolving to post more things that make me happy, and I need to remember that that's more often a candid shot of my family post-Thanksgiving feast and not as often a neon sign on East 10th street."

- Allison, 25

4. Know Who Your Real Friends Are

"Unfriend people (on social media and IRL) who think it's absolutely hilarious to post Facebook albums filled with unflattering photos of you when you've explicitly asked them not to. Clearly these people have no sense of boundaries. They must be stopped!"

- Jackie, 28

5. Edit, Edit, Edit

"Don’t upload six dark photos of yourself bartending within one hour in questionable clothing. Seriously, you’ll be an adult someday. "

- Irma, 25

6. Don't Feel The Need To Convince Other People Of How Much Fun You're Having

"You don't need to post EVERY little thing. In college, I was so determined to make sure that everyone knew I was having a good time and making friends that I would post pictures on Facebook every weekend, no matter how unflattering or unexciting they were. When my "memories" come up, it's embarrassing that I would post a very unflattering picture of myself just to prove I was out and "having fun." It's okay — admirable, even — to leave an air of secrecy and/or mystery to your online presence. I promise."

- Erin, 27

7. Think Before You Post Bizarre Photos

"I know you have a fun sense of humor and everything, but some of your photos presented without context are less cute and more disturbing. People who don't know you might get the wrong idea from seeing you in a warehouse full of mannequins. Just saying."

- Arielle, 27

This article was sponsored by The CW's Frequency , series premiere October 5th — Wednesdays at 9/8c.

Images: Fotolia; Elly Ayres, Allison Berry, Irma Elezovic/ Instagram; Jaclyn Bernstein (2), Erin Kelly, Arielle Dachille/ Facebook.