Andy Cohen & Seth Meyers' 'Friday Night Lights' Tribute Will Disappoint Real Fans

Andy Cohen has betrayed us. The host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live is usually just like the rest of us. He asks celebrities the questions we really want to hear, makes them reenact scenes from their most beloved classics and is obsessed with Friday Night Lights. On Thursday, Cohen tweeted that later that night on his show, he and Seth Meyers would be "playing" Friday Night Lights , along with a photo of the pair in full Panthers gear. Fans everywhere got excited, then 11:01 p.m. rolled around and within two minutes we were sorely disappointed.

Cohen and Meyers did play Friday Night Lights, but not in the way that we expected and more importantly, not enough. The skit opened Thursday's show to celebrate it being broadcast from SXSW in Austin—because while Texas may be enormous, when you're not from the Lone Star state and love FNL, it's basically all Dillon.

So the episode began with Cohen and Meyers in full Panthers coach regalia trying to come up with a slogan for their team in the locker room. Usually in these situations Cohen plays Coach Taylor, but considering the word "Yolo" came out of his mouth as one option, these might have been some invented assistant coaches. After a few other silly possibilities are tossed out, they finally land on Coach's classic motto, "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

And that was basically it. The real show started with guests Shaq and Josh Lucas and we went back to missing the real FNL. To make matters even worse, Bravo hasn't posted a video of the opening, so we can't even watch those brief moments again. Here's the only evidence of its existence.

However that photo did inspire Jason Street himself, Scott Porter, to tweet about the show, which was really the best part. First he just responded to Cohen's tweet with "#TexasForever BOOM," before linking to the above photo on Instagram.

We'd never complain about anything relating to FNL, but this time we just needed more. Cohen has done some great tributes in the past and this just paled in comparison. To make up for this Panther loss, here are two of Cohen's best FNL-superfan moments, complete with Mrs. Coach (Connie Britton) and Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford).

Image: Bravo