Should You Use A Beautyblender For All Types Of Foundation? Here's The Scoop — PHOTOS

By now, you've probably been told how life-changing a beautyblender can be. You get flawless coverage, a beautifully natural finish, and you can use it for just about anything when it comes to makeup application. But should you use a beautyblender for all types of foundation? Here's the scoop.

The original beautyblender is an egg-shaped hydrophilic foam miracle tool first invented in 2002 by Rea Ann Silva. While the makeup industry has long-loved sponges for applying makeup, the beautyblender was the most versatile and innovative design ever seen. It became so popular that it spawned many, many look-alikes. You can even find drugstore versions at your nearest pharmacy.

But can you use the beautyblender and its many copy cats for all kinds of foundation? From bb creams and liquids to waterproof formulas and powders, you can apply pretty much any type of foundation with the bouncy sponge. What's more, you can prime, bake, set, and even contour with it! It's seriously multi-talented. However, you must remember this: You need to use the beautyblender while damp!

According to product creator Rea Ann Silva, “the best way to use the beautyblender is when it is activated and damp and completely wet." The dampness of the sponge won't absorb any of the foundation or swipe it off like a brush might, and instead, will help to blend it seamlessly into your skin.

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Even if you're going for a completely matte finish, you should apply foundation with a damp sponge. Keep a cup of water close by to dip your sponge in as it dries, because the wetter it is, the better. After squeezing out excess moisture (so you aren't dripping water everywhere) take the sponge and bounce it around your face. This two-in-one action helps you apply and blend the product.

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If you want to use your beautyblender to apply liquid foundation, you should follow the following rule: Never put cream products over your powder products.

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As long as your creams go first and your powders go last, it doesn't matter what kind of foundation you use (or what combination of them you choose).

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You can do it all with the beautyblender.

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