Sarah Hyland & 'Modern Family' Cast Sing 'Wicked' In Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Video

Sure, Modern Family may not be the most exciting sitcom on TV right now, but there's no question it has staying power. Five seasons in, the ABC series consistently wins its time-slot, has collected 18 Emmy Awards, and, despite a few bumpy episodes here or there, is still one of television's smartest, wittiest shows. While Family may not have the quirkiness of Parks and Rec or the following of New Girl, it does share one big thing with its edgier competitors: a funny, likable cast just as tight-knit off the screen than on it. The show's ensemble have always emphasized their closeness, and on Friday, star Sarah Hyland reinforced the idea by posting videos of her castmates' backstage antics — and trust us, they're worth the watch.

In the first video, Hyland recorded her Modern Family mom, Julie Bowen, giving some dance wisdom to her other fake TV daughter, Ariel Winter. With arm-centric moves that would make Taylor Swift jealous, Bowen hilariously grooves to the music, in a lesson, according to Hyland's caption, meant to teach Winter what real '80s music sounded like (the 16-year-old thought Robyn was from the same era as Prince). "When @arielwinter thought Robyn was 80s music, @itsjuliebowen gave her 80s dancing," Hyland wrote. "Best morning ever."

And because one dance party per morning is just not enough, Hyland then posted a second video just a few minutes later, this time of Jesse Tyler Ferguson giving a heartfelt rendition of Wicked's "Defying Gravity." Sitting in a makeup chair, Ferguson half-sings, half-mouths the words to Adele Dazeem's — sorry, Idina Menzel's — most famous song from the musical, even, at one point, pushing his makeup artist out of the way to serenade Hyland with proper emphasis. At the end, Hyland films Ferguson in a mirror as her TV uncle walks behind her, lifting off his hat and sashaying like a Broadway star.

The only thing that would've made the videos better? If Leaf Coneybear — I mean Ferguson — had been singing "I'm Not That Smart" from Putnam County Spelling Bee . Regardless of the song choice, though, the videos are adorable, and it's sweet that the Modern Family cast seem to have so much fun together. It's nice to see that those recent Emmy and Golden Globe losses haven't taken too much of a toll on the show's cast; then again, if we were making $150,000 an episode, we wouldn't be too upset, either.

Check out the videos below: