Why Did Caila & Jared Break Up After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Drama Continued Post-Show

I didn't know how I felt about Jared and Caila as a couple when they first started dating on Bachelor in Paradise, but their relationship developed so quickly and, soon, they were one of the most solid couples on the show. But different things (aka Ashley) kept getting in the way of them moving forward together, and ultimately, it made Caila decide to leave the show, and Jared was soon to follow. So what happened to them next? On Tuesday night, Caila gave an update on her and Jared's post-BiP relationship status on After Paradise, and the way their relationship ended was actually pretty predictable.

As the story goes, Caila and Jared dated after they left Paradise, and things seemed to be going well... for awhile. Caila said they dated for about six weeks, and even though they had to travel between their homes in New York and Rhode Island, they made it work and even met each other's families. But, unfortunately, in the end, they just weren't meant to be. Caila said they "weren't the right fit" and that there were "other forces" that got in the way of their relationship working out. Hmm, wonder what those forces could be!

Caila said, "We just couldn't really get past Paradise. Friends call him often, and he answers, and things were brought up that we couldn't really let go of and that made it really hard to go forward."

It sounds like she could be referring to Ashley, and that Caila may have needed Jared to cut things off (or at least pull back) with Ashley before he could really commit to her — and honestly, that makes a lot of sense. You can't blame Caila for wanting her boyfriend to stop talking to someone who has such serious feelings for him! Good for her for moving on when she needed to, even though it had to be difficult.

The right guy is out there for you somewhere, Caila! He might not have been on the beach, but with hair that fab, I have a feeling dudes will be lining up for her date card. Or, you know, however it works in actual real life.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC