7 Fall Equinox Celebration Ideas

As soon as September 1 rolls around, everyone is all about the PSLs and cozy fall colors. But the truth is, it's not technically autumn until we celebrate the fall equinox on September 22. The equinox is a special event that occurs only twice each year. It's the day when the sun's rays shine directly over the equator, giving us a full day with the same amount of daylight as there is darkness. The sun and the moon get 12 hours each to shine bright like diamonds, and since men and women are still not being paid the same amount for doing the same jobs, I'll celebrate equality wherever I can get it.

The equinox is not a full-day event, though. You can certainly celebrate it all day on September 22, but the actual equinox occurs in the span of a minute. That's it! And this year, it'll take place at 10:21 a.m. EDT. So unless you enjoy the feeling of FOMO, you might want to take the time to embrace this short holiday and welcome the wonder that is the fall season. Here are all the ways you should honor the fall equinox, along with thanking all the gods, old and new, that summer is finally over.

1. Take a Break From Work to Cherish the Moment

Since the fall equinox falls on a weekday morning, you'll most likely be at work when the official moment of the equinox occurs. So at 10:21 a.m. EDT, stop whatever you're doing, step away from the screen in front of you, and give yourself some actual time to look up at the sky and appreciate your surroundings. Feel free to thank the sun and the moon for PSL season.

2. Play Hooky and Drink a Bunch of PSLs While Wrapped in a Cozy Sweater

Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes, I give you full permission to call in sick and head to Starbucks for a full day of sucking down these seasonal drinks. Just bring a sweater because it's finally chilly outside.

3. Have a Feast

Throughout history and even today, people all over the world will be celebrating the autumnal equinox with a feast. Cook up a stellar spread and chow down in the name of fall. You know you want to.

4. Surround Yourself With Autumn-Scented Candles

Light all the candles with labels that say things like, "maple haven," "falling leaves," "spiced chai," etc. and give your nostrils an overwhelming gift of autumn scents. It will probably relax you as much as it excites you.

5. Buy Yourself New Jackets and Scarves

Maybe you still have light jackets and scarves from last fall. Maybe they're all still in great condition. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself to some adorable fall attire this year, too. If your budget can make it work, then it's time to treat yourself.

6. Lean Way Into the Holiday Season Vibes

Once the back-to-school sales items are cleared away, the Christmas goodies quickly take their place. You probably don't feel quite ready for that whole jolly scene yet, but the retail world cares not. So, you can avoid those seasonal aisles altogether, or just lean into it like Buddy the Elf. In honor of the fall equinox and the soon-to-be holiday season, go ahead and consume candy, candy canes, candy corns, and SYRUP.

7. Prepare for Winter

Since fall has officially begun, that means winter is already right around the corner. It comes quickly, and it won't leave us until well into when it should be spring. So make sure your boots and puffy coats are easily accessible, and mentally accept the long dark days ahead. It is coming, after all.

Image: Unsplash/Pexels; Giphy (7)