This Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson Mashup Photo Is the Internet's Finest Work — PHOTO

It can be hard to choose which heroine is more awesome — Katniss Everdeen or Hermoine Granger? It's impossible to pick just one and now, you don't have to. Your favorite former Harry Potter smartypants Emma Watson and your newest goofy girl crush Jennifer Lawrence have been combined into one all-powerful young actress: A clever mind over on Imgur created a mashup of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson and the result is amazing. The Internet went crazy for the photo, probably because it made us realize that Photoshop can now do what everyone wishes science could. Can you just imagine how awesome a real combination of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence would be? She would probably go to Harvard, be President of an improv group, and later fall on stage while accepting her Oscar AND Teen Choice Award. It would be fantastic.

Jennifer Watson (or Emma Lawrence, if that's what you prefer!) is seen here with brown eyes and light brown hair. We can't help but wonder what parts of her face have been taken from JLaw and which from Emma, but if we had to guess, the face shape, gorgeously bold brows, and eyes are all Emma, while the jaw line, lips and nose have a very Jennifer Lawrence look.

Either way, whatever parts were placed where, the result is absolutely stunning. She looks like she could be their daughter (if that were at all possible) and we're seriously impressed with this Photoshop job.

Thank you for this, dear Internet. Thank you.

Image: Imgur