'Bachelor' Alums React To Nick Being The Bachelor

I'm so shocked, but so happy that Nick Viall has been named the next Bachelor (finally)! All of the buzz was around a cast-off from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette getting the opportunity to take on the role, so it was pretty shocking to hear that Nick was picked. He's been pretty polarizing in the past, but everyone seems to love him now. Both Bachelorette and Bachelor alums have been reacting to Nick becoming the Bachelor following Tuesday night's announcement. Even Nick's perceived nemesis Josh Murray posted about the news.

Nick's casting as the Bachelor has caused some strong reactions among the fans, so it's really interesting to see how Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni feel about the news since they have insight on how the show works. Plus, with three Bachelor franchise seasons under his belt, Nick has been on shows with many of these people, so pretty much everyone knows him in some capacity.

For the most part, the sentiment is that it's about time that Nick has the chance at a happy love story of his own. And, of course, there plenty of "fourth time's the charm" jokes and quips about whether it's possible for Nick to come in second place on his own season.

This is what your favorite Bachelor & Bachelorette alums had to say about the big casting news.

1. Josh Murray

It's honestly a little tough to believe that Josh Murray is "truly happy" for Nick, since he also retweeted and liked several tweets about getting a "bad edit" to make Nick look good so he could become the Bachelor.

2. Amanda Stanton

Even though Amanda got dogged on social media about the love triangle with her, Nick, and Josh, she really does seem happy that Nick has the opportunity to find love.

3. Ben Higgins

Apparently, the previous Bachelor, Ben Higgins, was also in the dark about the surprise casting announcement, but he had nothing but love for his former Bachelorette cast mate when he officially passed down the torch.

4. Carly Waddell

Carly is so right. This really is the best day ever. Team Nick all day, every day.

5. Lauren Bushnell

Lauren did not provide a ton of insight or encouragement with this tweet, but apparently she's excited about the casting decision.

6. Daniel Maguire

I was honestly hoping that Daniel would say something a little more weird and Daniel-like, but a sincere congratulations does suffice... I guess.

7. Evan Bass

We were all thinking the same thing, Evan.

8. Sean Lowe

That's not exactly an enthusiastic congratulations, Sean. Everyone likes Luke, but Luke just is a little too nice to be an exciting Bachelor. Let's keep it real: Luke's season would be so boring.

9. Ashley Iaconetti

It's clear that Ashley is ecstatic that her good friend Nick will be the next one to hand out roses on The Bachelor.

10. Molly Mesnick

Molly Mesnick also knows what it's like to get in second place on one of these shows and still come out of it with a happy ending, so it makes sense that she would be rooting for Nick to pull through. I just hope that his show ends nothing like Jason Mesnick's. That was some awkward stuff.

11. DeAnna Stagliano

I totally understand where DeAnna is coming from. I, too, am obsessed with Nick, and I also could not help laughing at her other tweet about Josh making a special appearance.

12. Robby Hayes

As the latest Bachelorette runner-up, it makes sense for Robby to support Nick's turn in the spotlight. I'm also calling it now that Robby will go on Bachelor in Paradise next season with the hope of pulling a Nick and landing the role as the Bachelor.

13. Tanner Tolbert

This would be such wild TV if it ever happened, but I doubt Chris Harrison would ever leave the cushy job of hosting this show to get involved with the contestants. Hilarious tweet though, Tanner.

14. Wells Adams

Wells needs to make some sort of appearance on Nick's season. The bromance needs to live on.

15. Jade Tolbert

I feel you, Jade. This is definitely great news.

16. Emily Ferguson

Emily had some heartfelt words for Nick. There's no doubt that she will be tuning into his season and cheering him on.

17. Haley Ferguson

I echo Haley's sentiments about being "beyond thrilled." Nick definitely deserves his shot at love.

18. Jubilee Sharpe

Jubilee is hoping to see some diversity come Nick's way and she's definitely right: It's about time.

19. JJ Lane

JJ had a ton of hilarious reactions to his boy Nick getting this opportunity. I could not stop laughing at his tweets, and I really hope that he does post embarrassing Nick photos every week to celebrate. I also laughed out loud at the fantasy suite joke. I could not help it.

20. Clint Arlis

I never understood the point of the puppy filter to begin with, so I definitely don't get what it has to do with celebrating Nick going on The Bachelor, but I support it nevertheless.

21. Ali Fedotowsky

Is there anyone in Bachelor Nation who Nick is not good friends with? (Well, aside from Josh, anyway.) It seems like all these people are just as excited as I am to watch Nick get another chance at love.

22. Ashley Spivey


23. Jen Saviano

When I saw this tweet I was dying at the realness since Nick's Bachelor announcement went down before he and Jen even had a chance to break up on TV. But maybe I am just looking way too much into it? Who knows, maybe she will channel her inner Nick and show up mid-season to win his heart.

There you have it, the Bachelor alums are all interested in a Nick Viall season of The Bachelor. Love him or hate him, you know that he will not be boring. It is going to be an interesting season for sure.