Luke's Boringness Could Make Him The Next Bachelor

by Marenah Dobin

No offense to JoJo Fletcher, but I just don't think any of the guys on The Bachelorette are quite right for her. Sure, most of them are attractive and some make for great TV, but a majority of these dudes are not coming across as marriage material. Maybe it's the editing, or maybe the guys really aren't that great, but these men are just alright — for the most part anyway. Sure, there were some gems in there, but JoJo really didn't give those people too much attention before sending them packing. If you ask me, the only totally non-shady one left is Bachelorette suitor Luke Pell and he's honestly pretty boring, but at this point it looks like he's could to end up starring on The Bachelor.

I know that doesn't really seem like it makes sense, but this franchise follows a pretty foolproof formula and Luke looks good on paper: He is good looking. He has a great backstory as a war veteran. He has a bit of an accent, which is endearing. He overcame a serious obstacle when his good friend was killed in action. He's sensitive. I could go on and on, but he just doesn't seem super captivating. I'm not sure if that's because everyone is just so focused on talking about Jordan Rodgers and Chad Johnson this season so Luke gets lost in the background or if Luke just is boring.

There is nothing actually wrong with the guy. Not everyone is meant to be a reality TV star, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Luke just seems way too normal to stand out in the crazy world of reality television. Plus, he does seem pretty guarded when it comes to connecting with JoJo, so I could only imagine him trying to make something happen with 26 women on his own season of The Bachelor.

The reason that he could still be the Bachelor though, is because who else is there? The Bachelor needs to be wholesome and generally scandal-free, and he definitely ticks those boxes more than the other guys who made it far int he show. As far as casting for the next Bachelor goes, Luke really is the "total package," but he just isn't exciting outside of listing his bullet points of appeal. Plus, I'm no psychic, but I really don't see Luke winning The Bachelorette since the only time I feel the "chemistry" between him and JoJo is when she explains it in her narrations. Otherwise, it's just two people making out without a love connection, which is pretty standard for this show.

Luke has a compelling background, is good looking, and he makes it pretty far on this season. Considering the other candidates from this season, I'd say that's pretty much all it takes to be the Bachelor at this point. So if the franchise is sticking with its usual formula, I'm pretty sure that Luke will be named the next Bachelor.

Image: ABC/Veronica Gambini