You Can Zoom In On Instagram Photos & Videos In The App Now, Thanks To A New Update

Instagram has been on a roll the last several months with some pretty sweet updates, like Instagram Stories and the option to post longer videos. Now, they've added another new feature, and it's a real winner: You can zoom in on Instagram pictures and videos now. There are a couple of caveats; it's only available for mobile, and it's not available for all types of mobile devices yet. (Bustle has reached out to Instagram for more information and will update if/when we hear back.) But it still has to be the best thing ever. I mean, sometimes, I don't just want to know that my friend ate a taco last night in the wee hours of the morning; I want to know exactly what was on the taco my friend ate last night in the wee hours of the morning. And now, with this new Instagram update, I can!

Starting Wednesday morning, the update — appropriately called Zoom — was rolled out to iOS users; Android will follow in the next few weeks. In a post on Instagram's Instagram page (very Inception), the social media company said, "Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles, and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt." Or tacos. They forgot tacos.

(In case you hadn't noticed, I'm really into tacos.)

It works the same way you'd zoom in on a photo in your iPhone's regular camera roll: Place your fingers together on a post, move them apart, and the post will get bigger. Here's what it looks like in action, via a nifty little video by PetaPixel:

PetaPixel on YouTube

I didn't even need to install a new version of the app. I just opened my Instagram, went to my sister's page, and BAM — zoomed in on her face. Note that when you zoom in on a picture, it doesn't stay that way; as soon as you let your fingers go, the image goes back to its normal size.

What's even wilder is that when you zoom in on a video, the video keeps playing. It's kind of weird, but in a fun way. My Instagram following is going to love seeing really, really close up pictures of my dog.

This sounds like a pretty cool update to me. Even if you're not a fan, it won't disrupt your newsfeed and you don't have to use it. But let's be honest: You know you want to.