Joe Scarborough’s Donald Trump Music Video Is A Total One-Eighty — VIDEO

As if this election cycle wasn't ridiculous enough already, Donald Trump is now starring in a music video — albeit not of his own volition. It's a scathing parody posted by MSNBC Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough, once a huge Trump supporter, who has lately taken to slamming the Republican presidential nominee on his show. The "Amnesty Don" music video Scarborough posted is just the latest Trump-bashing endeavor, and it's turned out to be one of the funniest things to happen in this election season so far.

The song deals with "Donald Trump's battle with premature softening," euphemistically referring both to his so-called softening on immigration policy and to other things that I refuse to type. Trump has recently seemed to backtrack on his original immigration plans, and several people and outlets — including Stephen Colbert — have called him out on it. The hilarious musical comedy is a great way to highlight Trump's recent waffling on one of his hallmark policy prescriptions. And although the humor definitely doesn't excuse the racist messages contained within the video, it can at least be appreciated for its savage takedown of the presidential candidate. In the post along with the Western-themed video, Scarborough wrote:

After busting out of a Turkish prison while serving consecutive life sentences for some minor offenses that won't be discussed here, Willie and I, entirely by chance, ended up in Amsterdam where we met a plucky young band that caught our ear. Now, because of our good timing I can pass along the new song written and recorded all in one day about Donald Trump's battle with premature softening. And yes, it's performed by those same crazy kids you've grown to love from Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands whom the natives adoringly call "Morning Joe Music."

The most surprising thing about the video is that Scarborough was once rumored as a potential vice presidential pick for Trump. A former congressman from Florida's first district, Scarborough has cultivated a loyal conservative following since he began hosting his show in 2007, and he was seen as a particularly viable option to return to public office, given this unusual election cycle. He and Trump also boasted a personal friendship — they were reportedly hanging out in Trump's hotel room together on the night of the New Hampshire primary. MSNBC refuted the claim in a statement in February, but media outlets still speculated about the closeness of Trump's and Scarborough's relationship.

However, that speculation is obviously no longer relevant, as the fallout caused by their political divergence has created a feud for the ages. The "fear in his eyes and his burnt orange tan" line may live on as one of the most memorable moments of this election, matched maybe only by former candidate Mike Huckabee's Adele parody. The country has seen some crazy stuff in the 15 months, and with another two left, things could still get even wilder.