'Poldark' Season 2 Details That Fans Should Know Before The Show Returns

When it comes to darkly handsome British antiheroes, Aiden Turner's Poldark, based on the novels by Winston Graham, is decidedly underrated. Not only is the series about to return for a highly anticipated second season, it's already been renewed for Season 3 before that second season has even premiered. With its Sept. 25 U.S. premiere on the horizon, what do we already know about Poldark Season 2? Since the series just premiered in the U.K. a few weeks ago, there's a good mix of behind-the-scenes information available. It can be tough to find out more about a British show, since they so often have staggered releases overseas. But, in the case of Poldark Season 2, I can assure you that, while there are plenty of hints about upcoming developments, you won't find much that could potentially spoil it for you.

After Season 1, the series left off with things in a terrible place for Ross. His business was shut down, and diphtheria ravaged the small countryside community where the Revolutionary War veteran makes his home. Now, after the devastating finale, Ross is locked up because of a false accusation of murder, and here's what's already known about the upcoming premiere and beyond.

1. Poldark Will Face Off Against George

This is no surprise, since it's not like there was going to be an entire season of Ross Poldark behind bars. But, according to the BBC summary obtained by Econo Times, Poldark will fight George Warleggan in court in the season premiere.

2. Aiden Turner Got Injured In The Line Of Duty

Those shots of the windy surf are atmospheric, but they can also be dangerous, judging by this behind-the-scenes story. According to the Telegraph, while lifting Eleanor Tomlinson (who plays Demelza), Turner was knocked over by a wave and hit his head on a boat. "These waves, you wouldn't think there's anything to them," Turner said, "but once you get out there you're at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she doesn't care how well the previous season rated."

3. There May Be Less Eye Candy

After the first season showcased Turner's strapping physique, fans thought it may be a feature of the show to turn the tables on the usual male/female nakedness ratio. But, as it turns out, unless it's true to the books, writer Debbie Horsfield tells The Mirror there will a lot less shirtless shots this season. "Autumn is very chilly in Cornwall," she says. And Tomlinson told The Telegraph that she was holding firm in her decision not to show nudity in the show.

4. A Love Triangle Could Arise

Ross and Demelza's love is the one thing fans of the show could count on... but, according to Movie News Guide, there are rumors floating around that Ross' past with Elizabeth might come up again in Season 2.

5. But There Will Also Be Plenty Of Grief

After the death of Ross and Demelza's child at the end of Season 1, Tomlinson promised The Telegraph that the new season will pick up where the last one left off, and that includes their newfound poverty and their devastation at their loss.

6. There May Be A Death At The End Of The Show

Turner may still be suffering from that head injury, because, during an interview with Radio 1, he committed one of the biggest possible faux pas: suggesting that his character might die. Now, since the show is already renewed for a third season, that death won't come in Season 2. And, quickly, Turner explained he was speaking metaphorically about the level of drama he's expected to play in each episode. But who knows? Maybe it was a Freudian slip. While Ross won't die in Poldark Season 2, he may be living on borrowed time, and that might drive the remaining seasons forward.

Just don't be surprised if the series has a tragic end.

Images: Robert Viglasky/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE; Giphy (6)