Where Is Elijah From 'Girls' From? There's Good Reason Actor Andrew Rannells Looks Familiar

Elijah is Hannah's brutally honest, snarky ex-turned-friend on Girls , and we love him for it. Where else do we know this funny man from? Actor Andrew Rannells — who portrays Elijah in all his snarky perfection — has been in the industry for a while, but you may not be able to pinpoint exactly where he was from.

Funnily enough, Andrew Rannells started his career off-screen as a voice actor for cartoon TV shows like Yugio, Pokemon, and Sonic X. Later, Rannells moved on to an acting career where you could actually see his face and hit up the stages of Broadway. If you're a Broadway fan (or a South Park fan, or a fan of satire, or if you're NOT a huge fan of religion) you may have seen Rannells in the hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. Rannells was nominated for a Tony Award in 2011 for the role of Elder Price, which he originated.

After that, Andrew Rannells moved into the film and TV world. He showed off his moves as a stripper in the comedy Bachelorette. Later, Lena Dunham cast the former Broadway star as her ex Elijah for an episode of her first season of Girls. The role was later extended because, well, everybody loved Elijah. During that time, Ryan Murphy cast Rannells in his semi-autobiographical comedy The New Normal. Rannells played one half of a gay couple who is about to become parents and must take care of their baby's surrogate, her daughter, and her homophobic mother. The show was cancelled after one season, which was good for Girls, as Elijah's role was expanded in Season 2.

We can't wait to see more Rannells on HBO in weeks to come.