How Do Jewel & Rob Lowe Know Each Other? They Actually Go Way Back

There's really nothing like a Comedy Central roast — especially when the person up for the jabs is a person who has been in Hollywood for quite some time. For instance, a person like Rob Lowe, who has been active in Hollywood since 1979, has a lot of material to base jokes on. An opportunity to be part of a roast like that a special one, so you can be sure it brings people out of the woodwork: for instance, Jewel, who spoke at Lowe's roast and threw some pretty sharp jabs at the actor and at the other guests in attendance. It seems like a random appearance on the singer's part at first glance — like, how do Jewel and Rob Lowe know each other? — but trust me, it actually isn't. These two go way back.

Like, 10 years back. Jewel and Lowe actually starred in a short-lived drama on NBC called “The Lyon’s Den” in 2003, and they seemed to get pretty close during filming. Well, on camera, anyway — it's not clear how close they were personally, but there was a steamy kissing scene between the two that was so talked about, Lowe brought it up on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013. According to Lowe, Jewel wasn’t so into sucking face with him as he was with her. Speaking about the scene, Lowe told DeGeneres, "It's a parade of indignities, and the culminating blow for me was having the actress who didn't want to kiss me in the love scene. And that person would be Jewel."

That’s a tough break for any actor, bit it seems that two, at least, maintained some sort of friendly relationship — enough for Jewel to show up to Lowe's roast. (Also, sidenote: I’m glad Jewel brought up this infamous kiss in her speech. There’s nothing like making the person in the hot seat squirm.)