Colourpop's Fall Lipstick Swatches Are Perfection

It's officially that time of year. Your summer shades are starting to be a bit too vibrant, and brands are debuting new products for fall. Case in point: On Wednesday, Colourpop's fall lipsticks made their debut in a preview on the brand's Snapchat, and they were totally gorgeous. From a brilliant dusty rose shade to a deep plum purple, the brand made sure that their fall preview had fans wanting more.

Recently, Colourpop hosted a huge flash sale that featured several of the summer hues. Little did I know that the sale was, in part, to introduce some of their new fall ultra matte lips. All four of the hues that made their debut on Wednesday are perfect for fall. And in even better news, they're here just in time for back-to-school makeup season. What's not to love about that?

Colourpop's Snapchat is always on point. Between showcasing new products or announcing upcoming sales, it offers a plethora of knowledge on the brand. So the Colourpop fall preview happening on the social media platform isn't that shocking, especially considering how charming their Snapchat team is.

Without further ado, what do those swatches look like? Brace yourself, people, because you're about to want to go shopping.

First up was Times Square, a gorgeous dusty nude that's going to look gorgeous for an every day look.

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Next up the rosy hue of Viper. Personally, I'm obsessed with this shade, and can't wait for its sale debut.

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Love Bug's terra cotta has my heart beating for sure. This gorgeous brown-red is so fall-ready that it's hard not to go out and find an alternative now. However, let's be honest: Colourpop's product and prices just can't be replicated.

Finally, the darkest of the shades emerged. Notion, the plum shade in the preview, is going to look gorgeous on multiple skin tones making it totally worth a purchase.

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Basically, the Colourpop fall lipsticks are fire, and they're coming out just in time for back to school. From dusty roses to deep plums, they're perfect, and they'll soon be all yours thanks to a Labor Day promo.

Images: Colourpop Cosmetics/Snapchat(4)