Andi Finally Speaks Out About Nick As 'Bachelor'

I love waking up in the morning and remembering that we now live in a world where Nick Viall is the next Bachelor , but when the news broke on Tuesday night, I had a feeling there was one person who might not agree: Andi Dorfman. But now, it seems like I was wrong. On Wednesday, Dorfman released a statement on Viall becoming Bachelor to Us Weekly, and she had nothing but sweet things to say about her ex.

And for the record, I totally wouldn't have blamed her if she didn't. During After The Final Rose after her season of the Bachelorette, Viall called Dorfman out for sleeping with him if she had no intentions of spending her life with him, and some of the things she wrote about him in her tell all, It's Not Okay, weren't the most flattering. But he's definitely redeemed himself since then, and now, it sounds like Dorfman's recognized that, too. Here's her statement:

"I'm happy for Nick. It's been a long road for him, but he has always been genuine about wanting to find love. So I'm happy to see him get another shot at it, and I wish him all the best."

Dorfman also reached out to Viall on Twitter, and although her tweet was pretty similar to her statement, it was still a nice gesture.

It's awesome to see that, even after everything they've been through, Dorfman is wishing Viall the best. They've definitely had their ups and downs, but on Bachelor in Paradise this season, Viall was willing to admit that much what she wrote about him in her book was true; that had to make her feel supported.

Now that they're on better terms, what are the chances Dorfman will show up on The Bachelor next season to offer Viall some advice? OK, maybe not, but after years of watching this show, I think we can all agree that literally anything could happen. I can't wait to see Viall in action, and it might just end up being one of my favorite seasons ever. Is it January yet?