Why Did Nick & Jen Break Up On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Their Relationship Never Got Off The Ground

Spoiler alert! Nick Viall and Jen Saviano’s relationship on Bachelor In Paradise will not work out. How do I know? Nick has just been named the next Bachelor, so I’m sure he’d have some ‘splaining to do if he and Jen got engaged and then he ran off to be on another reality dating television show. Why did Jen and Nick break up on Bachelor In Paradise ? There are some hints in the preview for the show’s season finale.

On After Paradise, when asked what happened between them, Nick said that Jen was a great person and all that, but it just didn’t work out. The sneak peek into the Bachelor In Paradise has Nick meeting with Neil Lane again (to which Neil Lane says something along the lines of, “You again?”) to pick out an engagement ring for Jen. In the midst of all of this ring shopping and mulling about, Jen’s voiceover says, “I am falling for Nick, but he could lose me if he doesn’t open up.” And this is the part about shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that blows my mind. Jen came in at the very end of Paradise, so realistically, she’s known Nick about a week? Maybe less. Why does Jen feel like he’s not opening up? My husband didn’t know my favorite color until like five years into our relationship.

It can also be argued that Nick was proposing way too early (that’s the case on every Bachelor Nation show, though). Nick and Jen had a good thing going on, and maybe Jen felt like she was the one doing all the talking and Nick wasn’t really sharing anything of himself to her. Combined with the stresses of a public proposal (I would die and say no if it happened to me) and then the eventual stresses of moving a relationship from Paradise to the real world, Nick and Jen’s very young relationship probably just couldn’t take the strain.

What I think is that Nick and Jen thought they were into each other while the show was filming, but they really were meh about the whole situation when the lights came back on. All of the other Bachelor In Paradise couples, even if they’re not together today, would post pictures of themselves and their Bachelor partner as a means for promotion or remembering or whatever. There’s not a thing for Nick or Jen — they have more snaps of their friends from Paradise than each other. In fact, the only thing that Jen tweeted that seemed like it was referring to Nick was right after the announcement of his being the Bachelor.

Why does Jen need a drink after that? Maybe the relationship between these two is much more sour than they would have us believe. Luckily, it seems that both Nick and Jen have moved on — Nick is, obviously, about to date 25 women on national television to find a wife, and Jen is living in Florida and doing the promoting hair vitamins thing that all of the other Bachelor contestants do. Things have settled down for Nick and Jen, and they’re back to their normal lives, no matter the reason for their split.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC