Why You Need To Watch 'Loosely Exactly Nicole'

Some comedians can truly do it all, so it's awesome when they get their own shows and have the opportunity to show off all of their skills. Nicole Byer from MTV's Loosely Exactly Nicole is an improvisor, sketch comedian, actress, hostess, as well as a stand-up comedian. She can pretty much do it all, comedy-wise. If you aren't already a fan, get ready to get on board before her new series premieres.

You may have seen her sketches online, in person at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, or on the late night series Party Over Here. You may have seen her web series with Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata, Pursuit of Sexiness. You almost certainly have seen Byer on MTV's Girl Code. But what about her stand-up? There's not as much stand-up on Youtube compared to sketch, but I did some digging.

Here are few clips from over the years to make you laugh and get you excited about Nicole Byer's new comedy venture on MTV. Since the show is based on her life, and most of Byers' stand-up includes stories from her real life experiences, these clips should give you an idea of what to expect on Loosely Exactly Nicole.

Mocking Commercials

Byer has always poked fun of and exposed problematic casting calls for commercials and films in her comedy, with a UCB sketch that went viral and as seen in the promo for Loosely Exactly Nicole . This stand-up bit is another example that details her observations and experience.

Adventures In Drinking

There's so much story potential here in these drunk stories, told for comedic effect. You have to hear it to believe it.

Dating Stories

This is more storytelling than stand-up, but still hilarious.

Misc. Clips

This Youtube user has uploaded a few teases from a stand-up show — it's almost like being in the audience.

New Now Next Awards

This is awards show banter, but her Annalise Keating impression is so good that I can't not include it. I can't wait to see more of Nicole Byer on Loosely Exactly Nicole — all of these stories, characters, and jokes are going to make for one heck of a funny time.