Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Magic Mike’ Parody Is Perfection

I am obsessed with a movie that does not exist, and it is all thanks to one Ellen Lee DeGeneres. On the Sept. 6 season premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show , Magic Mike legend and Lip Sync Battle co-champion Channing Tatum will swing by to promote Las Vegas extravaganza Magic Mike Live . But before the actor can post up in the plush armchair opposite the show’s host, DeGeneres has a very special video to share with the class. On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres's “trailer” for an all-female Magic Mike parody, titled Magic Michelle, made its way onto the internet. No, Magic Michelle is not an actual feature film, but if it was, I'm certain it'd be as divine as a bowl of fresh honeydew on a sunny day.

In Magic Michelle, DeGeneres, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Olivia Munn, Chrissy Teigen, and Oprah Winfrey play a dynamic group of dancers who drop drinks, hold melons, and fling shoes at the camera. (And by “Oprah Winfrey” I mean “not Oprah Winfrey, but Oprah Winfrey’s face superimposed onto a dancer’s body.”) (But — spoiler alert — the real Oprah Winfrey does stop by Ellen after the "trailer.") It's truly an ensemble for the ages.

“tWitch and Channing starred together in Magic Mike, and Magic Mike was a huge, huge hit. I mean, so big that they are actually doing an all-female reboot,” DeGeneres told her audience in a teaser clip. “Because you know they’re doing that with everything. They did Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 11, and thanks to Channing, I get to show the exclusive sneak peek.”

In the “trailer,” Munn, Teigen, Dewan-Tatum, and Faux-prah bring the fire, but attention must be paid to DeGeneres’s spectacular impression of Tatum’s Magic Mike XXL workshop dance scene; what the Magic Michelle preview lacks in belt sander sparks, it makes up for in weed whacker sound effects. You can watch the Ginuwine-ly fun "trailer" here:

Two things: a) I wish Magic Michelle was real, and b) if Magic Michelle was real, the near-perfect cast would have to add a crucial someone to the roster. Or should I say two crucial someones. And those someones are Jada Pinkett-Smith and Elizabeth Banks. Ughhhhh that movie would be everything. Well, great. Now I’m even more hung up on a movie that doesn’t exist.

Image: NBC; ellentube