These GIFs Of Hurricane Hermine Are Pretty Scary

For a record 11 years, hurricanes have managed to largely avoid Florida's coasts, but for those living in the Southeastern region of the United States, Labor Day weekend will be a bit different this time around, thanks to Hurricane Hermine. Prior to Thursday afternoon, meteorologists predicted the Category 1 hurricane would make landfall as a less threatening tropical storm. Now, some frightening GIFs of Hurricane Hermine radar are suggesting that this storm is going to be much more expansive and potentially devastating.

Radar of the storm displays a northeast trajectory. First, Hermine will hit the the Florida panhandle early Friday morning, then make its way over to Georgia, and even brush South Carolina, as well as North Carolina. And, according to the radar, it won't stop there. As the weekend moves forward, the hurricane is expected to calm down into a tropical storm — one that could even affect the northeast region of the state. Though Florida could experience winds up to 80 miles per hour, places further north, such as New Jersey, could have gusts up to 30 miles per hour. Though it's much less extreme in comparison, that's still a really windy day.

While the radar maps have stayed relatively consistent after the storm was deemed a hurricane Thursday afternoon, a change of direction or intensity is always a possibility. For now, check out these radar maps to get an idea of how you may be affected.

Florida's Big Bend, a region in the state's panhandle, was first to be struck by Hurricane Hermine, which made landfall just before 2 a.m. ET on Friday morning. Though it's expected to weaken as it moves north, remaining aware of the storm's path, as well as the predicted intensity for each region, will allow for greater preparedness.