Florida Residents Are Tweeting About Hermine

While the rest of the country watches on in horror, people on the ground in Florida are doing what any modern Floridian would do during a massive hurricane: tweeting about it. Florida residents' tweets about Hurricane Hermine are everything from scary to funny to even sad, and they exemplify the very human nature of natural disasters. When it comes down to it, everyone reacted to this storm in a different way.

Just as social media users found solace on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy, so too have Florida residents. Social media has become a crucial part of disaster response and relief, and one recent study suggests that social media can help foster and strengthen post-disaster relationships between members of affected communities.

While it's too soon to tell if people will rally Twitter with Hermine in the unprecedented way they did during Sandy, they certainly have already begun sharing their experiences on the ground. While many people are, of course, retweeting and commenting on news reports of the storm's damage and trajectory, others are sharing videos and insights of their own, and even making jokes to make light of the situation.

Below are some tweets made by people who are currently experiencing the intensity of Hermine firsthand. They run the gamut of emotions and reactions, painting a fascinating tableau of human experience and communication.

Some People Are Making Light Of The Hurricane

While much of the #Hermine coverage calls for fear and preparation, some people are making the best of the situation by joking about the effect it is having on their lives — and in some cases, even filming joke newscasts during the storm.

Others Are Documenting What's Happening Outside

What better way to document the intensity of a hurricane than on Twitter?

Some People (And Their Dogs) Are Scared

Poor pups (and humans)!

While Others Are Trying (And Failing) To Prepare For The Worst

I guess everyone prepares differently?

Hermine may have just touched down in Florida, but her fans and foes on the ground have been tweeting about her all day. Chances are, the tweets will continue flowing in even after the storm has passed over the state.