This Is What Benedict Cumberbatch Looks Like As A Cute Shark — VIDEO

Imagine swimming in the ocean. Dun nuh. And little do you know, a giant shark is slowly approaching you from behind. Dun nuh. Right when you turn around… dunnuh dunnuh dunnuh… it leaps toward you and… it’s Benedict Cumberbatch! I can see all the WTFs going on in your head right now, so before you say this girl be cray and go off to watch all the shark movies ever, take a moment to watch this absolutely hilarious video of Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at the 2014 Oscars to the theme music from Jaws .

And you thought the Cumberbatch memes and Cumberbatch coloring books were great? Okay, they are still fabulous, but this short clip created by YouTube member Max Clendaniel, will make you wish that you actually were swimming around, on the hunt for cute little (or big, I guess?) Cumberbatch sharks.

The video shows Cumberbatch spotting U2, his photobomb prey, politely weaving his way through the crowd as any shark would do at the Oscars, before jumping up behind them with all the grandeur and terrifying feels of a Great White about to eat you. But in all honesty, if Cumberbatch sharks or just sharks that like to photobomb as a side gig existed, then I would definitely swim out further than 10 feet whenever I’m at the beach.