How To Pull Off The Glossy Eyelids Trend Effortlessly — PHOTOS

The two biggest beauty trends right now are polar opposites: Either you want to look painstakingly made-up with a bold matte lip, contouring and chiseled brows or you strive to look soft and pretty in a natural, effortless kind of way. Think of it as Kylie Cosmetics vs. Glossier. Neither approach is better than the other; it just comes down to what you prefer. Don't be fooled, however: There's effort involved in both makeup styles, no matter how messy and undone the "effortless" look appears.

Still, I usually subscribe to team effortless because even though it does require some work, it's much faster and easier for me to achieve than the more studied Instagram-style of makeup. I simply don't have the time or talent to draw my eyebrows and lips on every day, so instead I focus on very unpolished, artfully smudged makeup looks that enhance my features without looking like I tried too hard.

One of my favorite examples of this makeup style that's very popular right now is the glossy eyelid. This is for people like me who aren't very good at flawlessly blending eyeshadow but still want to add some color and shine to their eyes. It's really easy to do; in fact you can't mess it up because it's meant to look imperfect. Here are four different ways to try the glossy eyelid trend.

1. Glossy Pink

This is a really soft, pretty look that only requires two products (well, three if you count mascara). First I applied the shimmery pink shadow Burnout from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette all over my lid.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, $54, Sephora

Then I added gloss. You can do a clear balm or oil, or you can use something that has a slight tint to it. I used TonyMoly Cherry Lip Balm, which has that aforementioned hint of color. Just remember to be careful when using any product around your eyes that isn't formulated specifically for eyes; use your best judgement. For example, avoid using any lip products containing carmine (usually pink/red lipsticks) because carmine can cause an allergic reaction. This TonyMoly lip balm is mostly comprised of petroleum and fruit extracts so I felt comfortable using it around my eyes.

TonyMoly Cherry Lip Balm, $5, Amazon

For a finishing touch, add a bit of mascara and some highlighter around your eyes (such as on your brow bone and cheekbone); I used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Pearl.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter In Pearl, $38, Sephora

2. The Mermaid Look

This next look is definitely not subtle, so it's more for people who like the glossy eyelid look but want something more colorful and dramatic. First I took a colorful pencil eyeliner, Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in the shade I-34 and drew a smudged line above my upper lash line, with some extra at the outer corner.

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil In I-34, $21, Sephora

Then I added this really cool holographic gloss called Sigma Lip Switch in Otherworldly. It's really vibrant and multifaceted — but it's also not going to last well on your eyelids.

Sigma Lip Switch In Otherworldly, $11, Nasty Gal

So the next step was to blot the gloss off using a cotton pad. It loses a lot of its pigment this way but it also makes it much more wearable, and there's now a really pretty watercolor effect on your lids. I also added some mascara and some more of the MUFE eyeliner below my bottom lash line.

3. Minimalist Grunge

This is one of the simplest ways to do the glossy lid. First I lined my eyes (top and bottom, but not going all the way into the inner corners) with Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Pencil Liner in D-12, and smudged the line a little bit with a finger.

Then I took a clear gloss (you can use anything, but Vaseline is a popular pick) and dabbed it on top of my lids all the way up to my brow bone. Once it touches your eyeliner it's going to make it very smudged and messy; that's the goal, so have fun with it.

Other than some highlighter on my cheekbones, I kept the rest of my face matte, including my lips. This way the glossy lids look intentional and not like you're just sweating a lot.

4. Shimmering Gloss

This is similar to looks 1 and 3, but with a little added touch of shimmer. You can follow the steps from look 1 or 3, and then add a metallic eye shadow. I used Tarte Rose Gold Clay Pot, which is technically eye liner and not eye shadow, so you get a little more control with your application.

Tarte Rose Gold Clay Pot, $21, Sephora

I painted the metallic liner all over my lids with a brush, and then added some more gloss on top of that. The finished look is very shiny, wet, and glam-looking. The best part is that it's very low-maintenance. If it moves around a bit throughout the night, no worries; it's supposed to look lived-in. Now that's my kind of makeup look.

Images: Kelly Dougher