How Many Glossier Serums Are There? Here’s A Breakdown — PHOTOS

Devout members of the cult of Glossier are in luck: the beloved-by-all beauty brand just released a new line of serums to help you get Emily Weiss-approved perfect skin. Glossier's three new serums — Super Bounce, Super Pure and Super Glow — are inspired by the idea that there is really no such thing as a "skin type," and that our skin is actually changing all the time. Because of this, no single product that is going to meet all of our facial needs 100 percent of the time. Each of the three serums serves a different purpose, and they are meant to be used on a rotating basis as your skincare needs shift throughout the month. Whether your skin is feeling dry, oily or just... meh, one of these serums will help you get back to your fabulous, glowing self.

Lather your face in one of the serums in the morning and at night after you cleanse and before you moisturize. You can purchase the serums separately for $28, or as a "Super Pack" for $65 (which helps you save $19).

Here's the breakdown of exactly what to use to fix whatever skin problems life may throw at you, whether a hangover, hormones or hamburgers are to blame.

Meet The Supers:

1. Super Bounce

Super Bounce, $28,

Use Super Bounce when your skin is feeling extra dry.... like after a long night out or a few too many hours parked in front of the air conditioner. This serum uses Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to refill the moisture in your skin and help bring back it's elasticity. The best part? This serum doubles as a primer and helps your makeup go on extra smooth.

2. Super Glow

Super Glow, $28,

You know those mornings when you wake up and your skin just looks kind of... dull? Like after you've been working non-stop for a week and forgetting to take care of yourself? Those are the days for "Super Glow." This serum has a water-like texture, and absorbs really quickly into your skin to give you an almost immediate boost. It gives you a "lit from within look" thanks to brightening Vitamin C and energizing magnesium.

3. Super Pure

Super Glow, $28,

Super Pure is meant for those pre-period, pizza-heavy days when your skin feels nonstop coated in grease and oil. It has niacinamide and zinc, which help soothe redness and get rid of blemishes. It has a more gel-like texture than the other two serums, and it helps flush out impurities in your skin — like the excess sebum that builds up inside pores and comes out in the form of pimples. Stressed out skin is no match for Super Pure.

If you're ready to purchase the new serums, head over to Glossier's website here.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier