Baby Luna Gets A Private John Legend Concert

A strange phenomenon with being obsessed with celebrity babies is being jealous of said babies. My envy is now pointed at Luna Simone, the adorable daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, who are, I am certain, the cutest parents ever. In an Instagram video that Teigen shared on Thursday, little Luna is front and center for a private John Legend serenade of "O Christmas Tree," and she has the best seat in the house: cradled in her mama's arms. How do I become a part of this family? I will happily be the dog caretaker.

Legend plays the piano while Teigen holds Luna, who seems decidedly unimpressed. Maybe because this is just another day, another private concert to win her affections from her dad. At best she looks nonplussed, but still overwhelmingly adorable. Teigen captioned the video "The neverending song," as Legend goes into refrain after refrain in the video, but it seems like Luna is not phased.

Teigen and Legend have been happy to share baby Luna's progress from tiny bean into actual person day by day on their Instagrams and Snapchats — thank goodness. The sweet serenade is just another gem for the collection, which also includes photos of tiny Luna in the greatest Father's Day onesie ever, Luna at a Dodgers game, and tiny Luna on an enormous chair.

Legend, 37, and Teigen, 30, seem to really be falling into this parenting game, which is all the more enviable due to the fact that they are rich, famous, and fabulous. But all that aside, they really do seem like two people super excited to have their first little miracle baby, who has the cutest cheeks ever. Luna has even made some famous friends of her own, including Kimye, and she got a smile out of Kanye West on Teigen's Snapchat.

So even though Luna Simone doesn't know how lucky she is that Legend provides her with the soundtrack of her life, she'll learn, one day. For now, she can just continue to do cute baby things.